Special Screenings is a feature introduced in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth.



Special Screenings are similar to a fusion between Strolls and Requests from Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. In order to unlock this feature, the party must meet Yosukesaurus. After helping him fend off a few Shadows, Futaba Sakura will notify the party that Elizabeth was huddling the ticket machine as it was glowing. The party will be automatically kicked out of Junessic Land and Elizabeth will begin to manage the service.

Special Screenings all have one or more "cast" characters. Should any of those characters be in the party, they will be Motivated, increasing their Sub-Person's bonus HP and SP, and raising their experience gain. Some Special Screenings will also mandate participation of the protagonists.

Although there are a few exceptions, each labyrinth will contain triggers for Screenings for the previous labyrinth. Junessic Land contains Screenings in Kamoshidaman, A.I.G.I.S contains Screenings in Junessic Land, ??? contains Screenings in A.I.G.I.S, while the Theater District will contain Screenings in Hikari. No Screenings will take place in the Theater District itself.

Special Screenings are highly beneficial for one's progress in the game, as they can level up all party members, unlock special fusions or multispread fusions and unlock Unison Attacks.

After a certain amount of quests, Elizabeth will request the party hunt down a powerful Shadow in the depths of a labyrinth. These quests will drop a Sooty Film after being completed, in which a Velvet Room attendant will be available for challenge afterwards. Defeating each attendant increases the Persona stock. After defeating Elizabeth herself in the final Sooty Film request, all of the party's Personas will be able to transmogrify into ultimate Personas.

Clearing all Special Screenings will unlock the Velvet Rangers fight where the party must face four waves of Attendants. At first only Caroline and Justine will be present, but after defeating them they will be accompanied by Margaret, Theodore and Elizabeth respectively, in-order. Defeating them for the first time will reward the party with the Omnipotent Orb and subsequent victories will yield a Soma.

Being defeated by a Velvet Attendant in a Sooty Film Screening or being defeated by the Velvet Rangers will not merit a Game Over, allowing any number of attempts to challenge them without fear of losing progress.

List of Special ScreeningsEdit

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