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Special Performance

Special Performance is a type of attack in Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Profile Edit

Special Performances, as opposed to normal spells which use EP, use SP. The cost differs depending on the strength of the skill. One Special Performance can use one bar of SP, while another can use all three bars.

Special Performances ignore enemy affinities, and can be used to launch a Session instead of exploiting an enemy's weakness. Some are purely supportive rather than offensive; for example, Tsubasa's Special Performance Debut Smile heals the party and also increases their Defense and Hit & Evade.

Special Performances are obtained by completing side stories and raising a character's Stage Rank.

List of Special Performances Edit

Itsuki Aoi Edit

Skill Effect Requirement Cost
Empty Wave (Phys/Sword) Heavy attack that lowers weapon resistance for one round. 1 SP
Strike a Pose Grants each party member one turn. 2 SP
Raging Blast (Phys/Elec) Heavy attack on all enemies. Lowers all resistances for one round. 2 SP

Tsubasa Oribe Edit

Skill Effect Requirement Cost
Aerial Dance Deals heavy Lance damage to all foes; party recovers HP for 3 turns. 2 SP
Debut Smile Restores party's HP; increases the party's Defense and Hit & Evade rates for 3 turns. 1 SP
Seducing Pose Chance to inflict charm on all enemies. 1 SP
Grand Finale Deals Wind damage to all enemies.

Touma Akagi Edit

Skill Effect Requirement Cost
Full Throttle Deals heavy Physical damage to one foe; every physical attack in a Session combo become critical hits. 1 SP
Gaia's Whisper Increase party's Offense and Hit & Evade. Complete Touma's second side story.
Wild Ecstacy Attack all enemies.

Kiria Kurono Edit

Skill Effect Requirement Cost
Deep Chill (Mag/Ice) Delivers 2-8 light hits to random enemies. Number of hits is determined by Skl. 1 SP
Seducing Pose Chance to inflict charm on all enemies. 1 SP
Pastel Power Inflicts all enemies with random ailment; cures party of status afflictions. Complete Kiria's second side story.
Freeze Over Attacks all enemies

Eleonora Yumizuru Edit

Skill Effect Requirement Cost
Final Hour Attacks all enemies.
Horror Hunter Angel Attacks all enemies, drains their EP, and has a chance to inflict Poison. Complete Eleonora's second side story.
Mass Destruction Attacks all enemies, with a chance of near fatal damage determined by Skl.

Mamori Minamoto Edit

Skill Effect Requirement Cost
Axe Bomber Attacks all enemies.
Microwavin' Heart Heals the party to full health.
Microwavin' Soul Heals single ally to full health. Complete Mamori's second side story.
Savage Cut Attacks all enemies.
Raindrop Memories Increases party's Offense, Defense, and nullifies status ailments. Complete Mamori's final side story.

Yashiro Tsurugi Edit

Skill Effect Requirement Cost
Mortal Curse Severely damages one enemy; shifts Yashiro into counterattack mode.
Karma Cut Attacks all enemies.
Mysterious Student Complete Yashiro's second side story.

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