The South Parking Garage is a location in Soul Hackers.



The South Parking Garage is located in the Shibahama district in Amami City. It is chosen as the place where Spooky relocates the Spookies HQ trailer in the prologue of the game, due to him getting concerned over "suspicious guys" following him after he obtained the GUMP from a junk dealer in Nikamimon. For much of the game it serves as the base for the protagonist, allowing the game to be saved, change COMP software, enter Paradigm X, and check messages on Summoner Net.

After the protagonist saves Six from the VR Haunted Mansion, the trailer is approached by Mayone of the Phantom Society, who attempts to kill them with plastique bombs attached to fuel tanks. After the protagonist fends her off, she activates the bombs as a last ditch measure. Spooky and Six attempt to disarm the bomb and evacuate the trailer. They manage to escape in time, but much of the garage is demolished by the explosion. From this point on, the HQ is moved to the Yurashima Depot.



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