Soutarou Senou is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



Soutarou doesn't like working in a group and tends to act on his own. He has a cruel sense of humor and likes to provoke a reaction out of others, finding particular amusement in getting under Shin Kanzato's skin. He appears to have no fear when it comes to seeking out Shin for information on the Persona Suppressors his brother used and had little trouble hiding from him when the other attempted to tail him after their meeting. Jun Kanzato, on the other hand, appears to make him uncomfortable.

Soutarou is the only member of Marebito that lashes out in response to Seth's calming powers and he appears to be shaken when Yuki Kanzato in Jun's body easily pin-points his fear of being empty.

Like the other members of Marebito, Soutarou appears to be an orphan with a fear of being abandoned by others, which he claims is one of the major reasons he follows Keisuke Komatsubara despite thinking poorly of him and sneering at the more respectful attitude Shiiba Kusu shows him. Since Yuji Kimoto's death, he admits he's been aware of Komatsubara's plans to use them to revive Ayane Komatsubara through her clone.


Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Soutarou is the youngest member of the Marebito. He is one of the first victims of her clone's awakening in episode 22.


Soutarou Taunt
Soutarou taunting Shin
Soutarou Persona
Soutarou struggles with his Persona
Soutarou getting reversed by Ayane
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