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The Soulless God Oumagatsu's battle shape.

The Soulless God Oumagatsu (超力超神オオマガツ, Chourikichou-jin Oumagatsu)? is a battle machine featured in Raidou Kuzunoha Vs The Soulless Army.



Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless ArmyEdit

The Soulless God Oumagatsu is a retrofitted battleship, converted so it can shift into a powerful bipedal shape. It is staffed with the undead members of the Soulless Army.

The machine was originally General Munakata's idea, but it was Sukuna-Hikona, using Munakata as a host, who truly managed to complete the design by lowering himself to levels Munakata himself would never have. Though incredibly powerful, the colossus required immense amounts of energy to work. Sukuna-Hikona worked around this by working with the mysterious demon possessing Kaya Daidouji, and implementing his plan to force the creation of countless Hiruko and the use of the Tai-Itsu satellite.

The battleship moved into the capital's harbor just as Shouhei Narumi and Raidou Kuzunoha the XIV confronted Sukuna-Hikona. The tiny deity gloated about his triumph as the machine entered battle mode and erupted into its bipedal shape, immediately charging and firing potent lasers at the capital.

Its rampage would not last long, as Gouto-Douji, with Rasputin, Dr. Victor and Dr. Tsukumo's help, destroyed the satellite relaying power to the Soulless God, leaving it to collapse into the capital with its energy reserves exhausted. However, the mystery demon returned with another Soulless God battleship, but chose not to engage Raidou.

Instead, Raidou followed him into the Akarana Corridor, and confronted him in the spacial rift of the 2030s. Upon defeating him, the revealed spirit of Raidou Kuzunoha the XL summoned his battleship and fused with it, forcing Raidou to battle a copy of the full warmech; despite the power augmentation, it was destroyed.

"The purpose of this Soulless God is to annihilate the millions of people huddled in the Capital They will all die, reflecting in agony upon their sins!

You are their descendants. Simply being born is a sin!

You know nothing of we who were oppressed! A shame you will die before the Capital falls!"
Sukuna-Hikona on the Soulless God, Devil Summoner Raido Kuzunoha vs. The Soulless Army

Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

In the 3DS remake of Soul Hackers, the soulless god is double summoned by both Raidou and Raido in the third phase of their encounter during the Extra Game mode. The battleship serves as the new ultimate boss of the remake. It favors using a strong party-wide fire attack, on top of attempting to plant Bomb status on party members, banishing demons using its Ogre Scythe and Hats Off abilities, and using Ox Bezoars to heal itself. As its health lowers, it will remove buffs and debuffs (similar to magical version Manitou). Unlike Beelzebub, its alignment renders it unaffected by Heavenly Judgement.


Devil Summoner: Soul HackersEdit

Race Level HP MP St In Ma En Ag Lu
Machine 99 65,535 9,999 39 38 39 39 39 28
Reflects Absorbs Void Resists Weak
Expel, Death - Mind, Nerve, Curse Ice, Elec, Force, Strike, Slash, Skill, Almighty -
List of Skills
Soulless Cannon Soulless Crush Soulless Cycle
Go, Battleship! Ogre Scythe Hats Off
Senpai's Pride


Soulless God DSRKSA
Soulless God from the artbook.
The Soulless God's battleship form.
The Soulless God as the final boss.
The Soulless God's activation.
Soulless God Oumagatsu in the 3DS remake of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

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