"Soul Survive" is the main theme for Devil Survivor Overclocked, performed by Junko Minagawa.



空の色忘れ いつだって視界には 黒いlovers
Hystericに 叫ぶ声も失くし まるで抜け殻のような 心
右へ倣え もう それでいいの?
Make some noises with your soul
明日さえ 知れぬ運命 誰だって同じ
さあ振りほどけ 戒めの鎖を 引き千切れ
掴み取る beyond that day


Sora no iro wasure itsudatte shikai ni wa kuroi lovers
Hysteric ni sakebu goe mo nakushi marude nukegara no you na kokoro
Migi e narae mou Sore de ii no?
Make some noises with your soul
Ashita sae shirenu sadame daredatte onaji
Saa furihodoke imashime no kusari wo hikichigire
Tsukamitoru beyond that day


The color of the sky forget the black lovers always in sight
I lost my voice to hysteric, like a cast heart
Shoe to the right. is that enough?
Make some noises with your soul
Not even tomorrow is the same fate
Now Hurihodoke the chain of commandments tearing Grab a beyond that day


  • Minagawa also provides the Japanese voice of Haru.
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