Sophia is a playable character from Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.



Before being approached by the protagonist, Sophia appears as a giant box with patterned lines on it, but quickly takes the form of a young girl. Her appearance is based on whoever activates it wants her to become.

While taking the form of a human, she has a fair frame and white skin, with her irises being cyan with large black ring. Her hair is bright red with M-shaped bangs and a really short back, as well as the tips being rounded off. She also has a small ahoge and 7 hearts on each side of her head, all of the them being red with hearts in deeper shades of red within the middle of these. The hearts also curve inward much like pigtails, each becoming smaller towards the ends.

She wears a white one-piece outfit with large sleeves opening up at the ends and a dress section ending just at her hips. The chest area has a strange hoop-like extrusion with strange black markings on it, and similar extrusions are seen on the end of the dress, as well as the top and ends of the sleeves. She also wears tight black boyshorts and black boots with silver soles and a large ring-like extrusion on the tips. Most of her neck section is surrounded by a large ring with a tip on the back side.

When she's in combat, her boots are extended up to her upper thighs, she now wears black gloves, and her hood is up, encapsulating most of her head with the pointy tip now on the back of her head, and the hearts now forming a 14-sectioned ponytail like extenstion. When in combat, her hood now covers her mouth and the remaining exposed skin is colored black, with only her hair and 2 cyan ring representing eyes visible. She wields 2 white yo-yos with a black center and a ring of cyan LED lights inside of them.

When she's not in the Metaverse, only her portrait is represented when active. When she's inactive, she's represented by a red circle with her hooded face on it.

When brainwashed, Sophia has hollow eyes in a bright red coloration. When she's snapping out of it, the eyes alter between red and green.


Sophia is helpful and supportive by nature, describing herself as a "friend" to anyone who speaks to her, and quick to offer assistance and suggestions for any query posed her. She also is a bit unpreceptive when it comes to organic life forms, not realizing that her rescuers did not understand she was an AI that can only travel outside the Metaverse in digital form. Due to her naive take on human emotions, she can be suprisingly ruthless at times, initially suggesting a plan to assassinate Alice Hiiragi when asked on her input on how to stop her from abducting people into her Jail, not knowing that killing people is wrong, though she immediately backpedals when the Phantom Theives react with horror. (Surprisingly, this is the exact mentality her creator possesses.)


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom StrikersEdit

Sophia was first seen after the protagonist, Morgana and Ryuji were all dropped into a basement after being captured by Alice Hiiragi, in which she takes the form of a giant box. Once the protagonist approaches the box, it starts "booting up" in a white flash and took the form of a young girl as this is what the protagonist desires for her to become. She claims to be humanity's friend and escorts the party back to the real world, beating Shadows in the process. She then manifests in the protagonist's phone as an app and provides navigation for the party. When the party talks to her back at Cafe Leblanc, she has no memories of herself and only remembers that she is humanity's friend. Despite being an AI, even Futaba cannot decipher her code without spending a few months to read it.

It is later revealed she is a prototype of for EMMA created by Kuon Ichinose, but was rejected by her when she became too curious about the human heart rather than a cold assessor of human desires like her creator. Because of this, EMMA can communicate with her telepathically, with nobody else being able to hear EMMA's side of the confrontation.


Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers
P5S Sophia Cut-in
Sophia's Close Up
P5S Sophia Concept Art
Concept art
P5S Sophia Status Art
Sophia's status screen art
P5S NewCharacter
Character art
SophiaMorgana Valentines2020
Valentine's Day Illustration of Sophia and Morgana (Tweet)
Persona 5 Scramble Famitsu Cover
Sophia with the protagonist and Zenkichi on the Weekly Famitsu Magazine Issue #1629 cover
P5S Released Art
Artwork of Sophia and Zenkichi for P5S's release by Shigenori Soejima
P5S ReleaseWallpaper Sophie SP
Sophie Pre-Release Wallpaper (576x1024)
P5S Sophia Combat
Sophia in battle
P5S Sophia Masked
Sophia masked
P5S Sophia Showtime
Sophia's Showtime
P5S Box1
Sophia as a box
P5S Box2
Sophia as a box
Sophia code
Sophia's booting code
Sophia prompt
Sophia's prompt before assuming a human form
P5S Sophia Animated
Sophia when taking a human form
P5S Sophia MeetingProtagonist
Sophia meeting the protagonist
P5S SophiasShop
Sophia's Shop
P5S Sophia PlusEyes
Sophia with plus-shaped star-eyes
Sophia (Blank Eyes)
Sophia with blank eyes
【2 20発売】ペルソナ5 ザ・スクランブル「ソフィア(CV

【2 20発売】ペルソナ5 ザ・スクランブル「ソフィア(CV.久野美咲)」紹介動画

Sophia's Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers Trailer


  • In some Gnostic schools, "Sophia" is the name of the true god who created the Demiurge. This ties into how she is a more empathetic and perceptive version of EMMA, whose true form is the False God Demiurge.
  • Much like José, she calls Morgana a "Tanuki."
  • Similar to Akechi in his Phantom Thief outfit before he changed to Black Mask outfit, Sophia's cut-in resembles the cut-ins seen in Persona 3 and Persona 4.


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