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This article is about the shop in Persona 5 Strikers. For other uses, see Sophia (disambiguation).

Sophia's Shop menu

Sophia's Shop is the in-game shop of Persona 5 Strikers.



Sophia runs a shop in the form of an application. It takes over the role of Takemi Medical Clinic and Untouchable from Persona 5, and merges them into a single facility, as both stores are not open when the Phantom Thieves of Hearts attempt to infiltrate the Shibuya Jail. When an order is placed, Sophia can summon a deliveryman from anywhere within seconds for anything, although she still has to pay the vendor with cryptocurrency, and the Phantom Thieves have to pay for said item.


Sophia's Shop is unlocked right before the exploration of the Shibuya Jail. Sophia's Shop combines all of the functions that would normally be delegated to various shop types, allowing the party to purchase weapons, armor, accessories and consumables, as well as selling material items found in Jails for small amounts of money. The shop's inventory naturally increases over the course of the story, but completing specific Requests will add additional items to Sophia's stock. Items in Sophia's stock, including consumables and ingredients, are sold in limited quantities, and after selling out the party must spend time in the Metaverse before Sophia will restock her inventory.

By purchasing the "Smart Shopper" BOND Skill, a selection of items will go on sale every time Sophia's stock refreshes. The number of different items on sale and the value of the discount varies based on the level of the Smart Shopper skill, with up to a maximum of a 60% discount. Items on sale can even include items that Sophia does not normally sell, such as the extremely rare Select Coffee Beans ingredient.

If any Cooking recipes were not obtained before leaving a city, Sophia will sell the Recipe in her shop, allowing it to be obtained even if it was missed. However, Recipes obtained this way will usually be sold at a substantial markup.



Name Description Price (¥) Discount (¥) Condition
Zunda Shake An edamame flavored shake. Restores 10 HP to one ally. 100 40
Sesame Dumpling A sesame flavored dumpling. Restores 10 HP to one ally. 100 40 Sapporo
Sepia Shock Sweet beets and bubbly soda. Restores 10 HP and cures Dizzy for one ally. 60
Zunda Ramune Edamame flavored ramune. Restores 20 HP to one ally. 150 60
Adhesive Bandage Your average adhesive bandage. Restores 20 HP to one ally. 250 100
Zunda Mochi The texture of the mochi and zunda are excellent. Restores 20 HP to one ally. 84
Ultimate Amazake Makes you think you're drunk. Restores 20 HP to one ally. 52 Osaka
Alien Brand Jelly Tasty jelly from your friendly neighborhood... alien!? Restores 20 HP to one ally. 60
Okapi Guaraná Forest giraffes love the taste of guaraná. Restores 20 HP to one ally. 72 Sapporo
Brotinoporin How can something this sweet have zero calories? Restores 20 HP to one ally. 72
Oh My Orange Overwhelmingly orange. Restores 20 HP to one ally. 60
Okinawa Kaabuchi The blessings of Okinawa unto you. Restores 20 HP to one ally. 60 Okinawa
Zunda Daifuku Daifuku filled with zunda stuffing. Restores 30 HP to one ally. 120 Sendai
Gyutan Ice Cream A popular treat best eaten once per year. Restores 30 HP to one ally. 120
Zunda Dumpling Brings out the flavor of zunda for you to enjoy. Restores 30 HP to one ally. 72
Bamboo Yokan Bean paste with a soothing sweetness. Restores 30 HP and cures Rage for one ally. 128
Co-Co This is the Osakan term for cold coffee. Restores 30 HP to one ally. 96 Osaka
Quickfix α A fast-acting formula with grade α effectiveness. Restores 50 HP to one ally. 480 192 -
Walnut Yubeshi The walnut brings harmony to the complex flavors. Restores 50 HP to one ally. 168 Sendai
Ika-somen Its freshness gives it a wonderful chewy texture. Restores 50 HP to one ally. 168 Sapporo
Sata Andagi Crispy on the outside, spongy on the inside. Restores 50 HP to one ally. 140 Okinawa
Quickfix Z A fast-acting formula with chic effectiveness. Restores 100 HP to one ally. 960 384 -
Suppon Drink A healthy mixture made with suppon extract. Restores 100 HP to one ally. 320 Sapporo
Niuhuang Dan High quality herbal medicine. Restores 200 HP to one ally. 1,600 Complete request, "Elegant Experiment."
Medicine An effective salve. Restores 120 HP to one ally. 1,200 400 Sapporo
Blowfish Sashimi Luxurious blowfish sashimi. Restores 50% HP to one ally. 1,280 Osaka
Sasa-Kamaboko Fresh and delicious fish cakes. Restores 30% HP to one ally. 792
Jingisucaramel Caramel that evokes the scent of lamb meat. Restores 10 SP to one ally. 120 Sapporo
Grainy Sea Urchin A dish for urchin lovers. You can never stop at just one. Restores 10 SP to one ally. 192
Stomachache Candy The comical art on the can brings a smile to your face. 164 Osaka
Cod-Liver Oil Candy A supplement chock-full of vitamins. Restores 30 SP to one ally. 3,600 1,440 Sapporo
Masquerade Parfait A miraculous mixture of delicious ingredients. Restores 30 SP to one ally. 480
Squid Paradise A pack full of select squid snacks. Restores 20 HP to all allies. 800 -
Yomoginotsuki An exquisite dessert of custard-filled castella. Restores 20 HP to all allies. 200 Sendai
Wow! Grilled Corn Unbelievably delicious. Makes a great gift. Restores 20 HP to all allies. 192 Sapporo
Mixed Nuts A can full of a variety of nuts. Restores 40 HP to all allies. 2,800 1,120 -
Grilled Crab Miso Luxurious-tasting crab miso. Restores 80 HP and removes stat debuffs for all allies. 960 Osaka
Hot and Sour Tea A tea that blows drowsiness away. Cures Sleep for one ally. 64 -
Super Jolt Helps you work 24/7 with no problems. Cures Brainwash for one ally. 160
Soothing Towel A cool towel that calms you down. Cures Rage for one ally. 160 64 8/2
Donut-Worry Donuts that bring relief. Cures Fear for one ally. 160 64
Lavender Potpourri The sweet lavender scent soothes the heart. Cures Rage/Fear for one ally. 96 Sapporo
Mental Floss Stimulates the memory from the gums. Cures Forget for one ally. 64 8/2
Steam Eye Patch The steam invigorates the body and soul. Cures Sleep/Rage/Brainwash for one ally. 200 Sapporo
Rescue Pill A pill to stop heart palpitations. Revives one fallen to 50% HP. 2,400 960 7/28
Resuscitation Pill An excellent cardiotonic pill. Revives one fallen ally to full HP. 6,000 2,400 Osaka
Reunion Parfait A parfait full of treasured memories. Revives one fallen ally to full HP. 528 Sapporo
Purifying Ash A deodorant that hides your presence. Slightly decreases Jail's security level. 580 232
Bear Caution Sticker A classic gift. Slightly decreases Jail's security level. 168
Hot Spots!: Sendai A magazine with thrilling info about Sendai hot spots. Increases Showtime gauge. 480 Sendai
Soulful Jelly Healthy food to revitalize the soul. Greatly increases Showtime gauge. 5,400 2,160 Sapporo


Main article: Cooking
Item Description Price (¥) Discount (¥) Condition
Gyutan An ingredient used for cooking. 340 272 Sendai
Select Coffee Beans 320 128
Carrot 120 96
Onion 140 112
Rice 240 96
Salmon 200 160
Pork 260 104
Tuna 320 256 Sapporo
Lamb Meat 300 240
Flour 180 144
Beef 256
Miso 280 224
Cabbage 90 72
Goya 360 Complete request, "Elegant Experiment"
Cooking Awamori 520
Egg 160
Tofu 280
Goat Meat 760
Crab 3,000 Complete request, "Thief Challenge: Noir"

Melee Weapons

Weapon Attack Effect Description Price (¥) Condition
Silver Dagger 50 - A silver blade resplendent in its ornamentation. 1,600
Kukri 60 - Curved, Nepalese knife also used as a tool. 2,400
Athame 78 - A dagger used during Wiccan rituals. 4,200 8/2
Igniter 84 +Burn (low) A dagger forged in fire that burns intensely. 5,400
Skinning Knife 102 - A dagger used for skinning prey. 7,400 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop"
Kopis 120 - A curved blade used by ancient Greeks. 9,800
Killing Scalpel 138 - A deadly tool used by medical professionals. 13,400 Okinawa
Quality Kopis 148 - A sharp, high quality knife used for skinning prey. 15,800
Parrying Dagger 188 Ag +2 A light dagger that makes evading attacks easier. 26,400 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop Redux"
Machete 218 - A heavy knife with a lot of heft to it. 31,200
Pro Parrying Dagger 244 En +2/Ag +2 A dagger best used for parrying and defense. 39,400 Yokohama (8/28)
Misericorde 272 - A medieval dagger used to deliver killing blows. 46,400

Weapon Attack Effect Description Price (¥) Condition
Mace 52 - A replica of a blunt weapon used in medieval Europe. 1,400
Hell Slugger 58 - A baseball bat with nails hammered into it. 2,000
Heavy Steel Pipe 76 +Dizzy (low) A reinforced iron pipe. 3,800 8/2
Battle Hammer 86 - A replica of a metal hammer used in battle. 4,600
Iron Pipe 104 - A crude, but effective, blunt instrument. 8,400 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop"
Heavy Mace 122 - A replica mace with even more heft to it. 10,200
Spike Rod 136 - A blunt instrument affixed with caltrops. 12,200 Okinawa
Bush Hammer 150 - A replica of a hammer with a notable history. 14,600
Gaea Presser 186 - A beautiful blunt instrument. 23,800 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop Redux"
Big Sleep Stick 216 +Sleep (med) A blunt instrument capable of putting foes to sleep. 29,400
Grand Presser 246 - A blunt weapon that pulses with ethereal light. 37,800 Yokohama (8/28)
Super Megaton Rod 272 - An exceptionally heavy blunt instrument. 43,600

Weapon Attack Effect Description Price (¥) Condition
Falchion 44 - A sword with a curved blade. 1,000
Ryozanpaku Sword 52 - A sword said to be used by a famous bandit. 1,800
Sonic Blade 72 - A sword said to cut faster than the speed of sound. 3,200 8/2
Scimitar 80 - A heavy blade with a wide curve originally used in the Middle East. 4,200
Talwar 96 +Dizzy (low) A curved blade capable of dizzying enemies. 9,200 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop"
Sleeper Blade 114 +Sleep (low) A sword that renders sleep upon enemies. 10,800
Shamshir 134 - A long and narrow curved blase originally used in the Middle East. 11,800 Okinawa
Resting Sword 140 +Sleep (med) A sword said to capable of working miracles. 13,600
Damascus Sword 182 - A sword with patterns etched into the blade. 27,000 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop Redux"
Heavy Saber 214 - A sword forged with heavy materials. 33,400
Bright Sword 240 - A sword that glows with a cold, ethereal light. 35,600 Yokohama (8/28)
Answerer 264 - A sword that obeys the will of its wielder. 41,800

Weapon Attack Effect Description Price (¥) Condition
Spin Attacker 42 - A yo-yo with increased spinning power. 1,400
Super Yo-Yo 54 - A yo-yo suited to performing tricks. 2,200
Teguruma 72 - A yo-yo created using traditional Japanese methods. 3,800 8/2
Metal Yo-Yo 80 - A metal yo-yo with great destructive power. 5,000
Orbiter 96 Ma +2 A yo-yo inspired by spacecrafts. 8,000 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop"
Yo-2K 116 - A yo-yo that evokes panic over an apocalypse. 10,000
Comet Spiral 128 - A yo-yo with a shape often compared to a comet. 12,800 Okinawa
Assassination Top 140 +Fear (low) A yo-yo used by assassins. 14,400
Mantra Top 178 - A yo-yo that shows a mantra as it spins. 26,200 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop Redux"
Astro Bullet 210 Ag +2 A yo-yo that emits light like a meteor shooting through the sky. 31,800
Blood Storm 238 - A yo-yo with omens of an oncoming calamity. 37,600 Yokohama (8/28)
Singularity 260 - A yo-yo that brings to mind mathematical singularities. 41,200

Weapon Attack Effect Description Price (¥) Condition
Heat Whip 44 +Burn (low) A fire-red whip. 2,000
Fundo-Kusari 52 - A chain with a weight on one end. 2,600
Dominatrix Whip 72 - A whip used for training. 3,600 8/2
Goat Leather Whip 76 - A whip consisting of connected blades. 4,800
Warrior Whip 92 - A whip that can tear the skin from a foe's body. 8,000 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop"
Burn Whip 116 +Burn (low) A whip that can burst into flames. 9,200
Hero Whip 136 - A whip that resembles one that a hero would use. 13,000 Okinawa
Whip Sword 144 - A bladed, telescoping whip. 14,600
Striking Tail 178 - A whip with a tail-like movement when swung, 28,600 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop Redux"
Great Whip Sword 208 - A telescoping whip with increased power. 33,200
Chain Whip 238 - A whip made from chains. 38,400 Yokohama (8/28)
Bone Eater Whip 264 +Fear (low) A whip that can chip away at bone. 44,600

Weapon Attack Effect Description Price (¥) Condition
Unmarked Katana 56 - A replica katana without a signature. 1,800
Gunto 62 - A sword with no edge. 2,400
Imitation Katana 82 - A beautifully polished replica katana. 4,400 8/2
Antique Gunto 90 - A menacing-looking sword. 5,600
Seishiki Sword 108 - A sword that used to be an army issue standard. 7,200 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop"
Jagato 124 - A sword that can work miracles. 9,400
Imperial Katana 140 - A replica of a katana used by the Meiji government. 13,200 Okinawa
Fury Blade 156 +Rage (low) A sword capable of enraging enemies 15,400
Iai Katana 192 - A sword used for the art of Iaido. 25,400 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop Redux"
Orochito 222 +Dizzy (low) A sword that's dizzying to look upon. 29,800
Master's Iai Katana 248 +Forget (low) A replica katana that strikes faster than an enemy can commit to memory. 37,200 Yokohama (8/28)
Red Demon Blade 274 - A magic sword that tears the blood from a foe's body. 45,000

Weapon Attack Effect Description Price (¥) Condition
Delta Knuckles 52 - Knuckles with triangular blades. 1,200
Heavy Grip 58 - Gloves made from heavy metals. 1,800
Hell Knuckles 80 - Knuckles that deliver deep impacts. 3,800 8/2
Clenched Fist 86 St +2 Knuckles with incredible destructive power. 4,800
Metal Duster 104 - Knuckles made from heavy metals. 8,200 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop"
Iron Fist 122 - Knuckles reinforced with iron. 10,400
Crusher 144 - Gloves that can crush enemies with their extraordinary weight. 12,400 Okinawa
Demon Fist 150 - Knuckles that possess power. 14,000
Flash Punch 188 +Dizzy (low) Gloves that can leave foes dizzy. 28,000 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop Redux"
Omega Knuckles 218 - Knuckles with increased power. 32,200
Sanction 244 - Gloves named for the punishment they deliver. 39,200 Yokohama (8/28)
Sabazios S 270 +Critical up (low) Gloves styled after the nomadic sky father. 45,600

Weapon Attack Effect Description Price (¥) Condition
Felling Axe 60 - An axe that can even chop down hearty, full-grown trees 2,200
Battle Axe 64 - A replica of an axe that's specialized for fighting. 2,600
Bardiche 82 - A cruel-looking axe. 4,000 8/2
Halberd 92 - A replica of an axe with a versatile fighting style. 5,200
Mega Axe 106 - An axe that leaves a lasting impression on enemies. 8,200 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop"
Crescent Axe 130 - An axe that delivers heavy impacts. 10,600
Great Axe 144 St +2 An axe that cleaves foes in twain by its sheer weight alone. 13,600 Okinawa
Beheading Axe 154 - An axe said to be the preferred tool of seasoned executioners. 15,400
Ice Axe 196 +Freeze (low) A cold-looking axe with a blue tint. 29,600 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop Redux"
Gilgamesh Axe 224 - An axe wielded by a legendary hero of old. 34,200
Celtis 254 - An axe with an ancient, traditional design. 36,400 Yokohama (8/28)
Amazon Axe 276 St +2 An axe that surges with power. 42,000

Weapon Attack Effect Description Price (¥) Condition
Flamberge 142 +Null Burn A greatsword with a blade shaped like intense flames. 11,400 Kyoto
Zanyouto 150 - A greatsword with the power to carve up huge monsters. 13,200
Shadow Hunter 192 - A greatsword that destroys all that lurk in the shadows. 29,200 Complete request, "Sophia's Weapon Shop Redux"
Demon Slayer 228 - A greatsword forged to slay demons. 35,000
Litania 248 +Null Dizzy A greatsword blessed by the power of prayer. 38,000 Yokohama (8/28)
Annihilator 274 - A greatsword that can destroy anything in its path. 44,800


Protector User Defense Effect Description Price (¥) Condition
Padded Shirt Unisex 34 En +3 A T-shirt made with tough fibers. Has tough defense. 1,600
Silk Scarf Cats 34 Ma +3 A lightweight silk scarf. 1,400
Battle Camisole Females 34 +10 HP A camisole made from carbon fibers. 1,800
Shoulder Pads Males 36 Ag +2 Protective pads for your shoulders. 1,800
Lynx Camo Vest Unisex 44 +Null Sleep A vest worn by snipers to help keep awake and alert. 2,600
Magic Camisole Females 44 Ma +3 A camisole that responds to magic. 2,800
Cat Sweater Cats 46 +Null Freeze A warm knit sweater made specifically for cats. 2,400
Burntech Males 46 +Null Freeze A space-age shirt that retains body heat. 2,800
Chain Vest Unisex 56 - A vest made for defending. 3,200 8/2
Robust Apron Females 56 - A versatile apron that works for cooking, carpentry, and combat. 3,600
Breeze Scarf Cats 58 Ag +3 A very thin and light scarf. 2,800
Survival Vest Males 58 En +2 A bulletproof vest used by survivalists. 3,800
Reckless Vest Unisex 68 +Null Fear A bulletproof vest that helps reduce fear. 4,600
Lady's Dress Females 68 +Null Rage A ladylike dress that has a soothing effect on those who wear it. 5,000
Water Crown Cats 70 +Null Burn A crown designed to resemble the splash of a water droplet. 4,200
Cosmic Undershirt Males 72 +Null Rage Makes the wearer feel at one with the cosmos. 5,200
Army Vest Unisex 82 St +3 A military-grade utility vest. 6,000 Complete request, "Sophia's Armor Shop"
Cone Collar Cats 84 Ma +3 A pet cone designed to help wounds heal. 5,400
Power Camisole Females 84 St +3 A camisole that corrects posture and helps you build muscles. 6,600
Plate Vest Males 86 +Reduce Nuke dmg (low) A vest with built-in metal plates. 6,800
Austere Haori Unisex 96 +Null Dizzy A haori with a pattern that calms the mind. 8,400
Glaring Cape Females 98 +Null Dizzy A peculiar cape that clears one's vision. 9,000
Camo Collar Cats 100 +Reduce Phys dmg (low) A collar that helps cats to blend in with their surroundings. 7,800
Retention Vest Males 102 +Null Forget A vest that helps combat memory loss. Popular among students. 9,200
Papal Robes Unisex 114 +Reduce Bless dmg (low) The Pope's regal robes. 12,200 Okinawa
Elysian Robe Females 114 +Reduce Curse dmg (low) A light robe said to be favored by the gods. 13,200
Sparkly Collar Cats 116 +Reduce Curse dmg (low) A radiant, bejeweled cat collar. 11,400
Athletic Shirt Males 118 Ag +2 A durable men's athletic shirt. 13,400
Hope Shirt Unisex 128 +Reduce Psy dmg (low) A shirt made to help steel your mind. 15,800
Dogwatch Kimono Females 128 +Null Sleep Made for night shifts to help fight drowsiness. 16,800
Morose Collar Cats 132 +Null Rage A collar that makes it difficult to feel upset. 15,000
Saint's Tunic Males 134 +Null Rage An ancient Roman tunic worn by those with unfailing patience. 17,000
Ghillie Vest Unisex 150 +Reduce Phys dmg (low) A vest that offers perfect camouflage in the woods. 25,200 Complete request, "Sophia's Armor Shop Redux"
Rune Dress Females 152 Ma +3 A special dress made with cloth that reacts to magic. 26,400
Just Collar Cats 154 +Auto-Tarukaja A collar that inspires the courage to defeat evil in the wearer. 24,000
Fluted Guard Males 158 Ag +2 Body armor made from thin, folded iron sheets. 26,800
Egoist Shirt Unisex 170 +Null Brainwash A garish shirt that shields against brainwashing. 28,400
Kotodama Cape Females 172 +Null Brainwash The kotodama in the cloth helps protect the wearer. 29,800
Measuring Collar Cats 176 Lu +5 A collar inspired by the Feng Shui ruler. 27,200
Brave Waistcoat Males 178 +Null Fear Fills you with courage. 30,000
Silver Vest Unisex 204 +20 HP A resplendent silver vest. 33,600 Yokohama (8/28)
Titanium Corset Females 206 +25 HP An incredibly tight titanium corset. 35,200
Sublime Collar Cats 210 +25 SP The world's most coveted cat collar. 31,600
Karna's Robe Males 214 +Reduce Phys dmg (low) Golden robes worn by an immortal hero. 35,600
Soul Vest Unisex 230 +20 SP A spectacular vest with a lot of soul. 38,600
Haten Robe Females 232 Ma +3 A very light robe that can pierce the heavens. 40,400
Nekomata Coat Cats 236 Ag +3 A strange coat of mail worn by a Nekomata warrior. 36,600
Demon's Jacket Males 240 St +2 A durable jacket with a demonic design on it. 40,600


Name Description Effect Price (¥) Condition
Flame Ring A ring infused with the power of a fire spirit. +Reduce Fire dmg (low) 2,600
Ice Ring A ring infused with the power of an ice spirit. +Reduce Ice dmg (low) 2,600
Elec Ring A ring infused with the power of a thunder spirit. +Reduce Elec dmg (low) 2,600
Wind Ring A ring infused with the power of a wind spirit. +Reduce Wind dmg (low) 2,600
Atom Ring A ring infused with nuclear power. +Reduce Nuke dmg (low) 2,600
Psychic Ring A ring infused with the power of a psychic. +Reduce Psy dmg (low) 2,600
Shoten Ring A ring infuse with holy power. +Reduce Bless dmg (low) 2,600
Midnight Ring A sorcerer's ring that offers additional protection against curses. +Reduce Curse dmg (low) 2,600
Spirit Belt A belt that makes it easy to harness energy. +Reduce Phys dmg (low) 2,600
Alluring Sticker A sticker that will attract everyone's attention. +ST gauge rate up (low) 8,000 Kyoto
Wood Clappers Used to alert people of fires. +Null Burn 2,000 Complete request, "Trapped in Wonderland"
Notebook Bound with string to help tie your memories together. +Null Forget 2,000
Sleepless Gem A magical gem that negates Sleep. +Null Sleep 2,000
Wooden Clogs Makes the wearer fearless. +Null Fear 2,000
Brain Guard A headband that clears the mind. +Null Brainwash 2,000
Red Band Strengthens Fire attacks. Can stack. +Fire attacks 16,400 Complete request, "Trapped in a Nightmare"
Blue Band Strengthens Ice attacks. Can stack. +Ice attacks 16,400
Green Band Strengthens Wind attacks. Can stack. +Wind attacks 16,400
Yellow Band Strengthens Elec attacks. Can stack. +Elec attacks 16,400
Star Band Strengthens Nuke attacks. Can stack. +Nuke attacks 16,400
Mind Band Strengthens Psy attacks. Can stack. +Psy attacks 16,400
White Band Strengthens Bless attacks. Can stack. +Bless attacks 16,400
Black Band Strengthens Curse attacks. Can stack. +Curse attacks 16,400
Gun Band Strengthens Gun attacks. Can stack. +Gun attacks 16,400
Hot Water Pouch A hot water pouch to help ease neck pains. +Null Freeze 2,000 Okinawa
Rubber Gloves Rubber gloves that don't conduct electricity. +Null Shock 2,000
Shield Goggles Narrows your field of vision to assist with balance. +Null Dizzy 2,000
Calming Gem A magical gem that negates Rage. +Null Rage 2,000
Stamina Sash Gives your stamina a small boost. +20 HP 8,000 Kyoto
Mind Choker A choker that strengthens the mind. +20 SP 8,000
Muscle Anklet An anklet that accentuates one's muscles. St +2 8,000
Witch Amulet A talisman often used by witches. Ma +2 8,000
Fortress Belt A belt that offers the protection of a fortress. En +2 8,000
Wing Socks Socks that allow you to run like the wind. Ag +2 8,000
Zodiac Charm A necklace with a zodiac design on it. Lu +2 8,000
Rakshasa Belt A belt that grants demonic strength. +Auto-Tarukaja 16,400 Complete request, "A Thief's Challenge: Panther"
Vajra Belt A belt with the defensive power of the Nioh. +Auto-Rakukaja 16,400
Skanda Belt A belt that grants supernatural speed. +Auto-Sukukaja 16,400
Vitality Sash Improves one's vitals. +30 HP 32,000 Complete request, "A Thief's Challenge: Wolf, Pt. 2"
Soul Choker A soul-shaking choker. +30 SP 32,000
Berserk Anklet Lets one call forth the power of a berserker. St +4 32,000
Druid Amulet A talisman made in the shape of a magician. Ma +4 32,000
Armada Belt A belt blessed with near-invincible protection. En +4 32,000
Cheater Socks Socks that let you move at unreasonable speeds. Ag +4 32,000
Feng Shui Charm A necklace beloved by Feng Shui practitioners. Lu +4 32,000
Charming Sticker A sticker that makes one more charismatic. +ST gauge rate up (med) 32,000


  • The ability to sell all items at once in Sophia's Shop has only been implemented in Update Ver.1.03 of the Japanese release. It was previously unavailable.
  • Despite Sophia's Shop relying on instant delivery from third parties to deliver supplies to the party, it is still available regardless of plot-based circumstances that should supposedly make it impossible, such as when brainwashed locals hunt down the Phantom Thieves in Okinawa, the power is cut off, or EMMA exerts authority all over Tokyo.

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