"Someone Else's Man", the English title for Hito no Mono (人の夫) is a song from Persona 4. The song is composed by Atsushi Kitajoh who also wrote the song's lyric and sang by Tamari. It is the twenty-first track in Disc 1 of the original soundtrack.


Persona 4Edit

It is an enka song popularized by Misuzu Hiiragi, and can be heard in various parts in the game such as the summer culture festival at the Tatsuhime Shrine and the Beef Bowl Shop when the crew travels to Tatsumi Port Island for the study trip at Gekkoukan High School. An instrumental version is played in Persona 4 Golden at the Shiroku Pub. The song is also a DLC background music for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Persona 5 The AnimationEdit

The song can be heard in Tsukishima's monjayaki restaurant when Ren Amamiya goes there to investigate Yamauchi, the new track team advisor.


あんたに出逢った あの坂道歩けば
anta ni deatta ano sakamichi arukeba
Whenever I walk along that hill road where I met you
ツーっと涙が ああ こぼれちゃう
tsuutto namida ga aa koborechau
Aah, my tears will trickle down
夜の柳に あの人(ひと)が
yoru no yanagi ni ano hito ga
Under the willow trees at night, that person
ちらり ちらちらとね。。。
chirari chira chira to ne...
I can see glimpses of you two together...
やっぱり あんたは はあ 人の夫(もの)
yappari anta wa haa hito no mono
Well (sigh) you're someone else's husband after all


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