Shuzo Ubukata is a minor character in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.


Ubukata is an AI genius hailing from Okinawa. After Akira Konoe loaned the EMMA app to a research lab in Okinawa in order to have it develop knowledge of cognitive psience, it created the first Jail, turning its citizens into fervent believers of God by stealing their hearts. Ubukata, now being a Jail's king and a pawn for a higher power, was driven insane when he was told to "hand out the desires he kept" by this power (presumably Konoe) and committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. His death was later used by Akira Konoe as an excuse to capture the Phantom Thieves so he can be the sole hero of this world.

The character is only mentioned in-passing and his appearance is never seen, unlike most other key characters who are deceased prior to the game's events, such as Wakaba Isshiki or Kasumi Yoshizawa.

Ubukata's sin was sloth, referencing how he chose to commit suicide as a way out when he was used by Konoe and told by him to hand out his desires.

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