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This article is about the advisor of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad. For the entities resembling Ikutsuki in Persona Q2, see Overseer or Mother Computer.

"Would you believe me if I said that a day consists of more than 24 hours?"
—Ikutsuki asking the protagonist a question, Persona 3

Shuji Ikutsuki is a character from Persona 3. He is the chairman of the board for Gekkoukan High School and adviser to the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad.



Ikutsuki is a bespectacled, middle-aged man with dark brown eyes, long wavy brown hair and a goatee. He wears a tan jacket over his brown turtleneck.


Ikutsuki, as the adviser of SEES, is a polite and sophisticated man, never needing to change his tone or manner. He is friendly, always accompanied with a gentle smile and a set of bad puns and unfunny jokes to provide comedy relief when it is needed, and perhaps not needed. As seen in the video recordings, he may also sometimes write down some puns on his status reports even if they are unwarranted or unrelated to the subject. Ikutsuki knows more than he lets on, but nonetheless he is the main source of knowledge for the group regarding all things related to the Dark Hour and thus acts as guidance for SEES.

That being said, in spite of his friendly and welcoming personality, he is unable to properly assimilate into the rest of the group, maintaining an underlying distance that leaves his relations with the others to be civil and nothing more.

After the defeat of the twelve Shadows, he shows a very different side of him to the party at the entrance of Tartarus. He was actually a manipulative, nihilistic and omnicidal maniac with a twisted savior complex, bearing a complete lack of remorse for the sake of complete and utter world annihilation through supernatural means. He is in fact, far from the chairman SEES knew, something Aigis comments on if asked by the protagonist.

Unlike the members of Strega who genuinely believe that they will be saved from their suffering and depression when Nyx kills them alongside the rest of humanity, Ikutsuki only wants Nyx to obliterate them just so he could be one of the few survivors and become a god.

Ikutsuki has absolutely no consideration of human life. He would not even acknowledge Aigis' life in spite of having been artificially created, seeing her as nothing more than the purpose she exists to fulfill: not only would he try to control her into killing the rest of SEES for his plan, only to refer to her as a "defective machine" once she turns against his demands and rescues them of her own free will, displaying the sheer hopelessness and madness that make him incapable of seeing anything more past her physical form.

He then becomes hostile, attempting to kill the ones who relied on him and thought of him as a trustworthy figure and leaving a large psychological dent on Mitsuru by killing her father. Once that fails, he chose to jump off the roof of Tartarus and committed suicide for good, out of lunatic fervor.

Judging from Sho Minazuki's treatment in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, the dehumanizing language he used when initially referring to Aigis, and the fact that he had always been loyal to Kouetsu Kirijo's desire to summon Death, this might be his actual personality and the initial, friendly one was a façade.


Persona 3[]

Ikutsuki was a partner of Mitsuru Kirijo's grandfather Kouetsu Kirijo, and fully supported his desire of creating The Fall and the coming of Nyx to destroy all of humanity. He was one of the scientists involved in the experiments at Gekkoukan ten years ago, including the creation of Artificial Persona Users, forming Strega as well.

In the present, he is now the Chief Director of Gekkoukan High School and both chairman and adviser of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, SEES. His proper demeanor and bad puns lead to him being considered lame by most of the students there. He is also the adviser for Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, with Mitsuru being his chief commander. He was trained to enter the Dark Hour, although he lacks a Persona so he doesn't directly fight against the Shadows. He claims that the Dark Hour will end when all twelve Arcana Shadows are destroyed.

Ikutsuki was later revealed to be manipulating SEES all this time, especially Mitsuru regarding the elimination of the twelve Arcana Shadows, which actually does the inverse; the destruction of the twelve Arcana Shadows actually melds them together into Death itself who summons Nyx to destroy it, instead of eliminating the Dark Hour as he claims. At some point, he discovers Eiichiro Takeba's warning not to destroy the Arcana Shadows and doctors the video to give the opposite message and scapegoat him for the Dark Hour's existence.

"Yes... Yes, I was chosen! I'm going to be the god of the new world! Hahahaha! What a shame... I was so close... Hahaha."
—Ikutsuki's last words, revised in Persona 3 Reload

Persona 3 Movie 16 - The Attempted Fall English *Spoilers*

Ikutsuki betrays SEES, killing Takeharu Kirijo.

On November 4th, 2009, after his lies are discovered, on the top of Tartarus, Ikutsuki reprograms Aigis to sacrifice the members of SEES as offerings for Nyx. However, Aigis's bond with the protagonist proved too strong and she refuses to shoot Takeharu as a result. When Takeharu Kirijo, who had taken advantage of Aigis' inner fight, tries to shoot Ikutsuki himself. Ikutsuki manages to shoot the former and he dies, but not before being fatally wounded. In the meantime, Aigis manages to break the programming and frees SEES instead, and when he tries to regain control on Aigis, Koromaru takes the remote control from him. Ikutsuki, lamenting his failure, falls to his death as well. His mission to revive Death was already complete by the time Arcana Hanged Man was destroyed, and on November 9th, Death appears in Gekkoukan High School taking the form of Ryoji Mochizuki. His betrayal ultimately leads to the death of the protagonist, as they only manage to avert The Fall by surrendering their life force to form a barrier between Nyx and Erebus.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax[]

He first shows up in the beginning of P3 Story Mode, where he parrots his words about the Fall before Sho cuts him down and laughs at him and his goals. Ikutsuki has been confirmed dead by SEES as they found his body. Though they are confused thanks to the copies of him that Sho Minazuki made and the similar mannerisms of the Eerie Voice.

Ikutsuki adopted Sho as a child and was his favored test subject, eventually putting a Plume of Dusk inside him in the hopes it would give him a Persona, but that resulted in Minazuki and his own Persona instead. Minazuki wouldn't obey and attempted to kill Ikutsuki for putting Sho in danger. He eventually sought to erase Minazuki, which resulted in Sho falling into a coma. Now that he was no longer useful Ikutsuki placed Sho in a hospital, where he paid the medical bills to keep him alive in this state indefinitely.


Persona 3
Persona 3 Reload
Persona 3 The Movie
Persona 3: the Weird Masquerade

In Other Languages[]

Language Title
Flag of the United States English Shuji Ikutsuki
Flag of Japan Japanese 幾月 修司 (Ikutsuki Shūji)
Flag of South Korea Korean 이쿠츠키 슈지 (Ikucheuki Syuji)


  • The name Shuji means "discipline, study, conduct oneself well, master" (修) (shu) and "officer, boss" (司) (chi/ji).
  • Shuji's surname Ikutsuki means "how many, how much, how far, how long, some, several" (幾) (iku) and "moon" (月) (tsuki).

His Japanese name contains 月, which is the symbol for "Moon," something which plays an important role in the game. This could serve as foreshadowing because the Greater Shadows only appear on Full Moons, hinting that he is involved with their creation. Ryoji Mochizuki is another character with "Moon" in his name, and was the incarnation of Death released by Ikutsuki's plans into the real world. It also appears to tie into Sho Minazuki's Japanese name containing the same character, and Sho's Persona, Tsukiyomi, being of the Moon Arcana and the Japanese chief lunar deity. His full name (Shuji) is a homophone of "Master Director" (主事) and (Ikutsuki) means "how many months."


  • Shigenori Soejima designed Ikutsuki as an adult who "your instincts tell you not to trust."[1]
  • Ikutsuki has a lookalike in Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth, the Mother Computer and its right-hand Overseer. The lookalikes share his deluded savior personality and tendency to make bad puns, but are cold and mechanical. At that time, SEES also does not realize his true nature, causing confusion among them when they first saw the lookalikes in the movie world.


  1. Atlus (2006, 2014). Persona 3: Official Design Works. Kadokawa Enterbrain - UDON Entertainment. pg. 53.

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