The Shrines are a recurring activity in the Persona series.


Persona 3Edit

The protagonist can visit Naganaki Shrine to boost their Academics stat.

Persona 4 GoldenEdit

In Persona 4 Golden only, the protagonist can visit the Tatsuhime Shrine's Yashiro, an activity which helps the protagonist boost the rank of a Social Link of their choice.

Usually, the protagonist is only able to visit the Shrine during the day. However, the location can become accessible during the evening if their Courage stat is at least Rank 2 (Reliable).

Persona 5Edit

The Meiji Shrine needs to be unlocked by reading the "Tokyo Shrines" magazine.

Visiting the Meiji Shrine is a time-consuming activity, which can only be visited during the day. Doing so will grant the protagonist the ability to increase the rank points with their Confidants.

While praying, the protagonist needs to choose how much they want to pay in offerings: they can either pay none, pay ¥5, or ¥1,000, then choose which Confidant's rank they wish to boost. Up to 3 points will be added, depending on the three choices, and whether the protagonist has brought a Persona with the same Arcana as the Confidant.

The Meiji Shrine is also a hangout spot, which the protagonist can visit with one of their Confidants. For more information, see Meiji Shrine.

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