Initiating Showtime in Persona 5 Royal

Showtime (ショウタイム, Shoutaimu)?, or Show Time in Japanese, is a battle mechanic in Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers.

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Persona 5 Royal[edit | edit source]

Showtimes are combination attacks performed between members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. They can be unlocked after certain dates in the story, once the group meets at their hideout.

Showtimes are randomly triggered in battle, and can be accessed if:

  • A party member obtains a Baton Pass;
  • A party member loses 50% of their health or lower;
  • A party member faints;
  • A party member recovers from a status ailment, Down, or being knocked out;
  • The protagonist is dying;
  • The protagonist is Downed;
  • An enemy is critically injured;
  • Rarely, an enemy is afflicted with a status ailment, a defense debuff, or if a party member has an attack buff.

Similarly to All-Out Attacks, Showtimes are Almighty type and can be used against any enemy, even if they cannot be Downed. The damage is mainly calculated by the party members' Level, and the enemy's Level and Endurance stat, but it ignores the user's stats or equipment. However, the damage can be increased through power-boosting skills and abilities, such as Tarukaja, Charge and Baton Pass.

Showtime can generate Technical damage to enemies that have been inflicted with Dizzy or Sleep, however, it will not give a 1 More.

The Showtime animation can be skipped. If the party's Tactic is set to Act Freely, they will initiate Showtime without input.

If Showtime is used against a boss, it will not display that enemy's model and the animation and/or camera angles might appear slightly different.

The team' ability to use them is thanks to the Wishing Star they receive from Jose, which lights up whenever two of them discuss a new technique in its presence, allowing them to use that attack from that point onward. However, after the game's final act, it was revealed that the Wishing Star from Jose used to enable the usage of Showtimes used up all of its power to transform Morgana into a helicopter. Due to the star no longer possessing any power, these Showtimes presumably can no longer be performed.

Pair Unlock Date
Morgana & Ann June 22
Ryuji & Makoto June 28
Yusuke & Ryuji July 17
Ann & Yusuke September 19
Haru & Morgana September 20
Makoto & Haru October 30
Protagonist & Akechi January 2
Protagonist & Sumire January 20, requires maxed Faith confidant.

Morgana & Ann[edit | edit source]

Morgana and Ann's Showtime, titled Gun with the Wind, is the first Showtime that is unlocked. It is unlocked on June 21. It is mandatory to do during a battle in Kaneshiro's Palace, where an Orthrus is used by Morgana to demonstrate the mechanic.

Morgana pulls out a large bouquet of roses for Ann. When they romantically jump towards each other, Ann reaches into the flowers and pulls out two SMGs and begins firing them in all directions. After a brief pose by the duo, they jump high into the air, where Ann begins shooting the guns downward on the enemy while Morgana pulls out a bomb and throws it. The two then pose in front of the explosion that follows.

The boss version is mostly the same, except some of the camera shots are modified so the boss cannot be seen, and the ending with Ann and Morgana posing in front of an explosion is excluded.

Ryuji & Makoto[edit | edit source]

Ryuji & Makoto's Showtime, titled Max Moxie, is unlocked on June 22.

Makoto and Ryuji are posing in front of the sun at sunset. Ryuji makes a reference to Fist of the North Star, but Makoto cuts him off and tells him to focus. The two begin dashing at the enemy and Makoto strikes through it. Ryuji then strikes with his club from above and then swings his club like a baseball bat and hits the enemy into Makoto, who will initiate a series of rapid punches to finish them. Afterward, Ryuji gives Makoto a grape soda, who crushes the can with her hands while Ryuji bows to her.

The boss version is completely different from the regular version. After jumping into the air, Ryuji uses his club to give Makoto an extra boost of height. Ryuji will then run towards the boss and hold it down with his foot. He teases the boss and then shows it Makoto diving down and performing a powerful earthquake punch in the ground, which hits Ryuji in the process.

Yusuke & Ryuji[edit | edit source]

Yusuke & Ryuji's Showtime, titled Inglorious Beefbowls, is unlocked on July 17.

A very hungry Ryuji sits at a table in the "Fox's Beef Bowl" restaurant. Yusuke then makes Ryuji the ultimate beef bowl, but before Ryuji can take a bite of it, the enemy bursts open the doors to the shop. Angry at the enemy for interrupting his meal, Ryuji and Yusuke begin shooting at the enemy with their guns. Ryuji then throws a grenade outside, which Yusuke shoots to detonate it and blow up the enemy. Once the enemy is down, Ryuji goes back to his beef bowl and begins eating it rapidly while Yusuke admires him.

The boss version is mostly unchanged, although some camera shots are shown from the boss's perspective so they can't be seen. The ending is also not included, instead cutting off after the grenade explosion.

Ann & Yusuke[edit | edit source]

Ann & Yusuke's Showtime, titled The Kabuki Kid, is unlocked on September 19.

In a traditional Japanese home, Ann does a bunch of poses with an umbrella before bringing out her whip. She then swings it all around causing a bunch of sheets to fly all over the place. Yusuke then does a quick slash of his sword that splits all of the sheets in half as well as the enemy. The two pose while the enemy gets hit by the slash.

The boss version has more sheets flying around to cover the boss, and the pose at the end is omitted.

Haru & Morgana[edit | edit source]

Haru & Morgana's Showtime, titled Drive Hard is unlocked on September 20.

After appearing under a spotlight, Haru and Morgana jump off a building. Morgana turns into his car form and begins driving on the road while Haru stands on top of him. Haru then fires a bunch of ammunition from her launcher into the enemy while Morgana drives himself into them. While Haru poses, she notices a fainted Morgana on the road and goes to check on him, but he laughs it off.

The boss version is unchanged except the ending is cut off, with the Showtime ending after Haru's grenade is seen flying into the boss.

Makoto & Haru[edit | edit source]

Makoto & Haru's Showtime, titled PTE ThwackDown, is unlocked on October 30.

Makoto and Haru enter a wrestling ring, and when the bell rings, they run towards the enemy. Makoto starts off with a lariat while Haru gives it a dropkick. Makoto then grabs a chair and smacks on the enemy, breaking the camera in the process. The two girls then run to opposite corners of the ring, and jump off the wires into the air. They rejoin each other in the air and dive into the enemy with a "Double Death Blow." The two then pose back-to-back.

The boss version features a few slight changes. The camera angles are modified so the boss cannot be seen. Haru also dives into the enemy at the start rather than doing a flying kick. The appearance of their "Double Death Blow" move is slightly different and the girls posing at the end is removed.

Protagonist & Akechi[edit | edit source]

The protagonist & Akechi's Showtime, titled Bladed Runners, can only be obtained during the Third Semester, on January 2, during a fight with Maruki's Warped Abyss enemy. Unlike other Showtimes, the Showtime itself is performed before actually being unlocked. It is officially "unlocked" on January 9, when the two reenter Maruki's Palace. The Showtime was originally an improvised move rather than being planned like the others.

In a dark, stormy city, on top of a building, Akechi uses his Berserk ability on himself before he proceeds to charge straight at the enemy. Meanwhile, the protagonist uses his grappling hook to jump across a bunch of vents and strike from above using his knife. After he does a single slash, he jumps out of Akechi's way, who maniacally slashes the enemy continuously. Afterwards, the protagonist fires a single shot from his gun to finish the job while Akechi walks off, expressing disgust and disappointment at his enemy's weakness.

The boss version is mostly the same, but some camera angles are modified so the boss cannot be seen. The ending scene is also cut off.

Protagonist & Sumire[edit | edit source]

The protagonist and Sumire's Showtime, titled Dances with Thieves, can be obtained during or after January 20, on the first return to the hideout after maxing her Confidant. It is the only Showtime that requires a Confidant to be maxed out to unlock.

In a church, Sumire and the protagonist run up a basement into a chapel. The protagonist uses his grappling hook to swing himself and Sumire onto its ceiling, while the protagonist bombards the enemy with bullets. He then releases Sumire into the air and the camera pans to her eye, where Kasumi Yoshizawa in a gymnast outfit holds her hand out to Sumire and the duo perform a dance that ends up slashing the enemy with their blades before the protagonist returns to hold Sumire in his hands and dip her.

In the boss version, the floor of the chapel is unseen and the animation cuts out at Sumire and Kasumi slashing the boss with blades.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers[edit | edit source]

Showtimes are powerful attacks performed by members of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Though they perform them individually compared to Royal, the characters are accompanied by their Personas. The protagonist can summon any of his Personas, not just Arsène.

Showtimes can only be used when the character's Showtime Gauge is filled in battle. Initiating Showtime will inflict a powerful attack on all enemies in the entire battle area.

Unlike in Royal where Showtimes are stronger than All-Out Attacks, in this game All out attacks are significantly stronger than Showtimes.

The passive skill, Rebel Will, improves the user's rate at which the Showtime Gauge is filled up.

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Persona 5 Royal[edit | edit source]

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Persona 5 Royal[edit | edit source]

  • If Morgana and Ann execute their Showtime, their Level Up and Party Stats portraits will change into the image stills in their Showtime.
  • "Sayuri" can be seen hung on the wall during Yusuke and Ryuji's Showtime.
  • In the English edition of the game, all of the Showtime attacks are named after Western movies or programs:
  • In the Japanese version, the Showtime attacks are named after films:
    • Panther and Mona: Phantom Clothings and Machine Gun (怪盗服と機関銃, Kaitou fuku to Kikan Juu)? - (Sailor Suit and Machine Gun)
    • Queen and Skull: Mad Mix (マッド・ミックス*)? - (Mad Max)
    • Fox and Skull: That Man did this for a Beef Bowl (その男、牛丼につき, Sono otoko, Gyuudon ni tsuki)? - (Violent Cop)
    • Fox and Panther: Genroku-Jyo Kabuki (元禄女歌舞伎, Genroku-jyo-Kabuki)? (An NSFW film from the 1960s)
    • Mona and Noir: Best Night Kid (ベスト・ナイト・キッド*)? - (The Karate Kid)
    • Noir and Queen: Last Countdown (ラスト・カウントダウン*)? - (The Final Countdown)
    • Black Mask and Joker: From Hell Till Dawn (フロム・ヘル・ティル・ドーン*)? - (From Dusk Till Dawn)
    • Violet and Joker: Dances with Phantoms (ダンス・ウィズ・ファントム*)? - (Dances With Wolves)

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