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Shou Ougi is a character in the Devil Children series.



Devil Children White Book

The younger sister of Takaharu Ougi, she is put to sleep by a demon using the Dark Slumber spell and Masaki Kuzuha is framed for it. Both Takaharu and Masaki enter Makai in order to find a way to cure her. Later the two eventually find the medicine that cures her and she thanks them both, she later tells Masaki she had a dream of Angels who planned to kill her so that Takaharu would hate him, and that both her father and brother went to meet the angels.

DemiKids Light & Dark

Shaw is a C Rank BattleNet opponent. A well known battlenet opponent, she has gotten stronger than she used to be. She tends to use cute demons. After beating several times she gives her own unique Fairy demon.

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