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The Founder in the opening of Devil Survivor Overclocked.

The Shomonkai Founder, also known as Kuzuryu, is a character from Devil Survivor.



He is seen making various speeches throughout the lockdown. He is one of the only two people in the Shomonkai who are allowed to speak of demons, and is knowledgeable about the war of Bel.

The founder studied religion in college, which gave him knowledge of the future ordeal arriving.  Believing that humanity would be unable to withstand God's ordeal, he formed a contract with the demon Belberith in order to destroy God and prevent the ordeal from occurring.  In an attempt to bring more strength to the demon, he formed the Shomonkai to worship Belberith, who he called 'His Majesty'.  He is also Amane's father, and entombed the demon Jezebel inside of her, which brought Remiel in to help her. 

It is also assumed that he was the one to commission the Demon Summoning Program, in order to bring more demons across and aid in the summoning of Belberith.  If this is true, then ironically he is responsible for the ordeal he feared the most.

If the protagonist chooses to go to Shinjiku on 'The Day Before', he will encounter Kuzuryu giving a speech about the coming ordeal.  He can express interest in his speech, or not, but he will not speak with you.

Later in the lockdown, the protagonist finds him when going to ask Azuma about Belial. He is surprised to find that he has knowledge of the war of Bel.  Kuzuryu also says that the King of Bel has already been decided, which is assumed to mean Belberith.  He is also seen arguing with Amane about the proper way to end the lockdown, which Amane believes can be ended without summoning His Majesty. 

Once the hero moves to go battle Belberith, regardless of route, he will find Kuzuryu getting ready to summon Belberith.  If Amane is in his party, he will berate her about betraying the Shomonkai.  In Naoya's route, he will be furious with the protagonist for attempting to take the power of Bel for himself.  He then pleads with Belberith to take his body and destroy God in return. Belberith is then summoned, and reveals that he has consumed every bit of Kuzuryu, body and spirit. 

If Amane is in the party after defeating Belberith, she will mourn for him.

Yuzu's 8th Day

The Founder turns himself over willingly to the Military after the defeat of Belberith as penance for his role of spreading chaos in the lockdown, content that God had abandoned humanity and mankind was now free of his influence.


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Concept art of Shomonkai Founder
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