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The Shipbuilding Facility is a location in the Devil Summoner series.



The subterranean shipbuilding facility is hidden beneath Cannon Battery #4, east of Harumi-Cho. In order to access the facility, Raidou will need to input the combination password, 49399221, at the lone phone booth on the island.

Once inside, Raidou will be confronted by three Zombie Guards, who will confirm Kaya Daidouji's presence before running off to report Raidou's intrusion. Just further from the entrance, there is a Fire Shikimi no Kage that will need to be destroyed to proceed and an Ice Shikimi no Kage after that on the next level down.

In the third basement, Raidou will come across an Electric Shikimi no Kage that regenerates itself every time that it is destroyed. Gouto recommends finding the one responsible for the barrier and have them dispel it. They will find the one responsible the next floor down, an Ippon-datara that is obsessed with walls. He can be negotiated with by giving him money and items, then he will pose a question, responding positively if Raidou calls him stupid. Afterward the Electric Shikimi no Kage will be removed.

Down on the shipbuilding facility dock, there will be three Bullet Shikimi no Kage blocking the way forward in addition to blocking access to Nakisawame. There will be a Dragon Cave to save at the bottom of the stairs.

Climbing up to the altar leads to a scene with Kaya Daidouji laying bound in front of General Munakata. He will explain his purpose and the needs of the project to Raidou, and then he will ask Raidou to join him in his pursuits. Declining will lead to a battle with Abihiko and Nagasunehiko. Following the battle, Raidou will carry Kaya back to the agency.

After the launch of the Tai-itsu Satellite in Episode 10, Raidou will re-enter the facility from an alternate entrance in Kasuminomori. Working his way down through the facility, Raidou must defeat an Arahabaki that blocks his path, then find a way to pass a Tainted Gate blocking the path further down into the facility. Finding the retired Ippon-datara will lead to it destroying the Tainted Gate blocking Raidou's way forward. Raidou will find Narumi by the Dragon Cave in front of the altar, with Munakata waiting for him on the platform above.

Once Munakata is reached, the resulting confrontation reveals that he has been deceased for some time, with Sukuna-hikona having taken his body as a vessel. After showing Raidou and Narumi the deployment of the completed Soulless God, he will engage Raidou in battle. After being defeated, Goto will insist on taking the east platform staircase towards Harumo-Cho, leading to a scene of the Soulless God torching an area of the Capital.


  • Heavy Bullet x10
  • Jin Dan x1
  • "Arashi" Sake x1
  • Chakra Drop x1
  • Red Crystal (Asuka Mirror x1,)
  • Red Crystal (Wood Ornament x1,)
  • Red Crystal (Wood Ornament x1,)
  • Balm of Life x1
  • Roman Coin x1
  • Life Stone x1
Episode 10
  • Heavy Bullet x15
  • Anti-Poison x1
  • Repulse Water x2
  • Muscle Drink x1
  • Cretan Goddess x1
  • Red Crystal (Javanese Figure x1, )
  • Stone Bullet x10
  • Balm of Life x1
  • Chakra Pot x1
  • Red Crystal (Wood Ornament x1, )
  • Red Crystal (Wood Ornament x1, )
  • Lu Incense x1
  • Vi Incense x1
  • Soma x1


Level Order Demon HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Skills
15 Wind Moh Shuvuu 238 201 Fire/Death - Force Elec - Dia, Tarukaja, Zan, Scout, Fly
29 Skill Nekomata 399 243 Elec Mind - Force - Dormina, Venomstrike, Marin Karin, Demonstrate, Allure
30 Undead Zombie Guard 400 234 Fire Ice/Elec - - - Shoot
33 Wind Feng Huang 441 279 Death Fire/Ice/Elec/Force - - - Mazan, Maragi, Makajam, Scout, Fly
35 Pagan Utai-gaikotsu 466 333 Phys/Force - Death Fire - Mudo, Petra, Read Mind, Fly
38 Fury Ikusa 489 234 Elec - - Death - Winged Fury, Use Force
Episode 10
Level Order Demon HP MP Weak Strong Null Drain Repel Skills
10 Pyro Pyro Jack 191 162 Ice - - Fire - Agi, Pulinpa, Ignite, Fly
17 Fury Turdak 299 111 Fire/Force Phys - - - Makajam, Use Force
26 Wind Anzu 363 234 Elec - Force - - Mazan, Tempest, Tetra Aura, Scout, Fly
40 Volt Nue 513 312 Fire Force Elec - - Combo, Tetra Aura, Bolt Storm, Inspect, Allure
41 Fury Triglav 528 291 Force Phys Gun Ice - Tarukaja, Petra, Winged Fury, Use Force
45 SuperSoldier Yomi-kugutsu 596 291 ? ? ? ? ? Roundhouse, Melee
45 SuperSoldier Yomi-kugutsu 596 291 ? ? ? ? ? Roundhouse, Barrage
46 Volt Parvati 571 450 Force/Death Phys/Elec - - - Makajam, Media, Spark, Inspect, Allure
47 Skill Scathach 593 417 Elec Mind Force - - Flurry, Makara Aura, Rakukaja, Demonstrate, Fly
49 Pyro Cerberus 630 255 Ice - - Fire - Maragidyne, Mighty Blow, Patra, Ignite, Provoke
50 Frost Ouyamatsumi 701 270 Fire/Force Phys/Ice Death - - Frenzy, Mabufudyne, Cool Down
51 Pagan Incubus 595 453 Elec - - Death - Mamudo, Marin Karin, Combo, Read Mind, Allure
52 Fury Shouten 689 264 Death Phys/Ice/Force - - - Mighty Blow, Pulinpa, Use Force, Loose Change
70 Fury Susano-o 782 414 Ice Phys Death Fire - Berserker, Winged Fury, Maragidyne, Use Force, Fly

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