Shinichi Yoshizawa is a character in Persona 5 Royal. He is Kasumi Yoshizawa and Sumire Yoshizawa's father.



Shinichi is a bespectacled, middle-aged man with short black hair and red-edged glasses. His glasses are picked by the protagonist for him. His winter outfit is an orange-brown trench coat, and he wears a pair of light brown slacks.


Shinichi is very protective of his daughters, to the very point where he comes as overprotective. Most notably, he would more often than not call Kasumi (Actually Sumire) back if she took too much time hanging out with others. Despite this, he genuinely cares for both siblings as a parent as he is seen mourning over Kasumi's death. When Sumire was guilt ridden by it because Kasumi sacrificed herself to prevent her from getting ran over by a car, he pushed her to Takuto Maruki so she can seek help within a very short time period, something that has actually proven a breakthrough for her worsening mental health even if Maruki became insane much later on. It was also heavily implied that he is keeping tabs on Sumire in order to prevent her from actually committing suicide once the cognitive manipulation wears off.


Shinichi is the father of the Yoshizawa twins and the director of "Good Morning Japan," a rather famous talk show where Goro Akechi was often interviewed. Therefore, Akechi knows him very well. He does not make personal appearances prior to the third semester events and most of his role in the base campaign is spent on calling Kasumi home once she hangs out with the protagonist for too much time.

On the 1st of January, the protagonist meets him personally after the new year hangout with Kasumi, in which Kasumi introduces the protagonist to him. He calls Kasumi home because all of her relatives are in her home, where the protagonist can sense him call her "Sumire." It turns out that when he calls Sumire "Kasumi," he was never actually saying it, but Sumire only heard him addressing her as Kasumi due to the spell that she asked Maruki to cast on her.

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