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Shinagawa Station in Shin Megami Tensei V.

Shinagawa Station is a location in the series.



The protagonist ventures within Shinagawa Station with Tao Isonokami in search of Sahori Itsukishima and Lahmu after an injured Ichiro Dazai mentions of their presence there in his retreat towards the Fairy Village. There is a Leyline Fount right near the entrance to the area, with a Miman hiding between the train cars nearby. There are no demons between the Leyline Fount and the location where Sahori may be found. The protagonist can choose to strike at Lahmu while his attention is diverted or prioritize saving Sahori prior to the battle with Lahmu.

Following the battle, the protagonist is struck down and separated from Aogami, only being saved by Tao at the cost of her own life. Lahmu is surprised but is interrupted by Sahori when he moves to strike the protagonist again, leaving the protagonist to put her out of her misery. Following the confrontation, the protagonist can opt to tell the truth of the confrontation or stay silent when Yuzuru Atsuta and Ichiro arrive, but the two will figure it out according to his face should he try to keep it a secret. Following this, the protagonist is advised to report back to Bethel.

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