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Shin Megami Tensei V News (NEWS 真・女神転生V, NEWS Shin Megami Tensei Faibu)? is a web series served to promote Shin Megami Tensei V before its release. It reveals new information on the characters and the gameplay of the game. The setting of the series is based on a regular real-life news studio, with Chiaki Matsuzawa as the announcer.


The series first began on July 21st. The first 2 episodes came out on 12pm JST, with the 3rd having been published on 12:15pm to coincide with the schedule of the Daily Demon series.[1][2] Although the series has never been uploaded in any language other than Japanese, the videos have been officially subtitled in English, Korean and Traditional Chinese.


Volume 1 had two topics: new characters and battle features.

In the first topic, Tao Isonokami, Yuzuru Atsuta, Ichiro Dazai, Miyazu Atsuta and Hayao Koshimizu have been revealed and introduced. In the second topic, the mechanics of Magatsuhi Skills have been briefly explained.

It was also confirmed that Shin Megami Tensei V would contain DLC with the purpose of grinding Macca and Experience, similar to that of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.

The episode was concluded with the announcements of the release of the purchasing guide on the Japanese website, various Atlus 35th Anniversary merchandise, a Famitsu article on the game and the company's anniversary, one of the announcements for the inclusion of Shin Megami Tensei: if... on the Nintendo Switch, and the plans for SMT Lottery Tickets to go on sale on December of the same year.


Volume 2 introduced characters Shohei Yakumo and Nuwa. Additionally, mechanics based around stat and skill-boosting: Essence, Glory and Miracles, have been revealed.

It was also explained that attack animations in battle can be "shortened." Via configuration in the options menu, the feature can either be "always off," "only when holding the A button," or keep it "always on." This can apply to enemy skills as well, with a few exceptions. There is also an auto-play feature that will have the party automatically have the party target enemies with a standard melee attack.

The segment was concluded with the release of the Demon Colosseum, a minigame on the game's website, a Famitsu article on the mythology of the game, a lottery product line-up, and the announcement of various SMTV themed Nintendo Switch accessories.


Volume 3 was divided into the topics of "Bethel Demons of Each Country" and "Traversing Da'at."

Several demons, important figures related to international branches of Bethel have been introduced: Khonsu, Vasuki, Zeus and Odin.

On traversing Da'at, various mechanics related to the overworld have been introduced and briefly summarized, such as Leylines, the Cadaver's Hollow, Miman, Vending Machines, Treasure Boxes and Amalgams, Magatsuhi Crystals, Demon Statues, Mitama, Abscesses, quest navigators and quests.

In addition, the difficulty settings have been explained: Casual, Normal and Hard. Hard mode can only be selected during the beginning of the game, while it's possible to switch to or between Casual or Normal during a playthrough. A Safety difficulty has also been confirmed as free DLC, which will arrive on the day of release.

On related announcements, a new SMT5-related Famitsu article would release on September 30th, as well as more SMT5 merchandise on a later date, and Shin Megami Tensei: if... Campus Demonic Envoy Reprinted Edition will go on sale on November 8th.


Shin Megami Tensei V News is concluded with its 4th volume. The episode has only one topic, which is based on DLC information. All the items are also offered as part of a bundle, which is sold at a discounted price. All the DLC is also offered together with the base game, but there are no discounts.

The DLCs include extra battles and side quests, such as "Return of the True Demon", "A Goddess in Training", "The Rage of a Queen" and "The Doctor's Last Wish." Additionally, DLC items will cause certain Mitama to appear at a greatly increased rate. They are three in total, each sold as individual DLC: Mitama Dance of Wealth (Saki Mitama), Mitama Dance of EXP (Ara Mitama and Kusi Mitama), and Mitama Dance of Miracles (Nigi Mitama).

In addition to that, New Game Plus has been confirmed to carry certain attributes over after clearing the game. It has also been explained that there are two means of carrying data to NG+:

  • "Newborn" transfers Demon Compendium and enemy analysis data, but the difficulty won't be affected too drastically;
  • "Reborn" transfers the protagonist's level, skills, all demons, Macca, items, etc.

It was also remarked that some demons and Miracles can only be obtained with multiple playthroughs, so it's important to decide what mode to play.

On minor news, it was announced that a new PV will be uploaded next week, a new Famitsu article will be published on 10/28, and a Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster life-size Demi-Fiend Bust Figure is as of then available for pre-order.



  • Shin Megami Tensei V News marks the first series on Atlus' Japanese YouTube channel to receive English captions.

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