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Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is an enhanced re-release of Shin Megami Tensei V.

The game was announced during the February 2024 Nintendo Direct with an original release date of June 21, 2024 before changing the release date a week earlier to June 14, 2024.[3]

The game was released on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Microsoft Windows via the Microsoft Store and Steam, with the Xbox and Microsoft Store supporting cross save via Xbox Play Anywhere.

This game replaced its original release on the Nintendo eShop on release date and delisted from the shop since the original game was bundled alongside Vengeance.[4]


The story is split into two main routes, with the player choosing one at the beginning. The Canon of Creation tells the original story of Shin Megami Tensei V while the Canon of Vengeance follows the scenario for the original, but with significant changes in the middle and later stages of the story. The two routes offer completely different endings.[1]

Vengeance includes the addition of a new Da'at dungeon along with numerous new quests.[1] The new locations include a new region of Da'at with Shinjuku & its corresponding dungeon Shakan.[5] Some of the new subquests include ones where you take control of demons and time-sensitive events.[5]


Main article: List of Shin Megami Tensei V Characters
  • The protagonist - a third-year high school student of Jouin High School. After finding himself in Da'at after a tunnel collapse incident, he fuses with a mysterious man, becoming a Nahobino and using that power to fight demons.
  • Aogami - a mysterious man that suddenly appears in front of the protagonist while he gets attacked by demons in Da'at. He proposes to him that he takes his hand if he wishes to live, letting them fuse together.
  • Tao Isonokami - one of the protagonist's schoolmates of the same year. She has been aware of the existence of demons, and since her youth has she worked at Bethel, a global organization that fights demons in the real world.
  • Yuzuru Atsuta - one of the protagonist's acquaintances at school. An honor student with a strong sense of justice. After wandering into Da'at, he also accepts the invitation to join Bethel, in order to protect his only relative and the peace of Tokyo.
  • Ichiro Dazai - a student at Jouin Academy. He has a carefree personality, but performs poorly at school. He joins Bethel alongside the protagonist and Yuzuru after their experiences in Da'at, in order to prove his worth to a noble cause.
  • Miyazu Atsuta - Yuzuru's younger sister and only relative. She is shy and weakly.
  • Hayao Koshimizu - the prime minister of Japan and the head of the Japanese branch of Bethel.
  • Sahori Itsukishima - A student at Jouin High School that gets captured by a certain demon while the school's being raided.
  • Amanozako - a cheerful and energetic demon that often tags along with the protagonist, having grown a liking to him.
  • Sophia - the lord of the World of Shadows. She aids the protagonist in fusing demons and similar facilities.
  • Gustave - sells items at the Cadaver's Hollow. He leads a pack of Miman and asks the protagonist to look for them and have them return home.
  • Shohei Yakumo - a mysterious man determined to slay all demons, and confronts the protagonist in Da'at.
  • Nuwa - a mysterious demon allied with Shohei. She says she's been by his side since he was young.
  • Abdiel - the archangel that leads the forces of Bethel.
  • Lahmu - an ancient, vile god seeking his other half in goals of reaching the throne.

New Characters[]

Gameplay Changes[]

  • Canon of Vengeance - a unique route in Vengeance that occurs directly at the start of the game if the protagonist decides to reach out to the girl. Choosing this path completely alters the game and locks the player into Vengeance's original scenario (not doing so results in the original events of the game instead). The Canon of Creation contains unique demons that cannot be unlocked in the Canon of Vengeance.
  • Some demons from the original release have had stat revisions.
  • Over 40 additional demons have been added.[1]
    • There are 276 demons total.[5]
  • The protagonist and their demons will be able to level up to level 150[1] after defeating the Ultimate boss Satan, which rewards the Miracle needed to do so, called Moral Transcendence.
  • Godborne Difficulty - Similar to Persona 5 Strikers's Merciless mode, this is a new difficulty unlocked after defeating Satan alongside the level 150 cap. In this difficulty, all foes will have their stats grossly inflated, but they will keep the same moves as first encountered.
  • Cutscenes can be skipped or sped up by either 2x of 4x.[1][5]
  • Virtual Battles allow players to battle a series of bosses present throughout the game. The boss rush goes up to level 999.[5]


  • All ally demons have innate skills to emphasize their characteristics.[1] These innate skills activate automatically.[5]
  • New Magatsuhi Skills have been added, with some only being available by having a specific combination of demons on your team.[5] These Skills can
  • Human allies can fight alongside the Nahobino[5] as Guest characters. They do not take up a slot in the Nahobino's stock, but their inclusion is story derived. They also cannot be powered up by incense, sutras, or grimoires.
    • After defeating him, the Demi-fiend can join the Nahobino as a guest character.[5]
  • If the Nahobino enters battle while being chased by multiple enemies, or if multiple demons are alerted to him, they may have consecutive encounters. Should the Nahobino win, they will receive extra EXP and Macca,[5] the amount of which is multiplied by the amount of consecutive encounters
  • Demon conversation has more variation, including surprise quizzes and escaping with gifts.[5]
  • Demons are more likely to beg for mercy during battle.[5]
  • Damage adjustment based on level differences were changed to be more moderate.[5]
  • Auto-Battle has been separated into Auto-Attack and Auto-Skill. Auto Attack with cause the party to use normal attacks while Auto-Skill will have them target enemy weaknesses where applicable.[5]

World of Shadows[]

  • A Miracle for demanding incense from cornered demons has been added, named Deadly Aura IV.[5]
  • Dyad compendium fusion, which combines a demon in the player's possession with one from the compendium, has been added.[5]
  • Three demons can only be fused via fusion accidents.[5] As such, a Miracle, named Mutative Element, has been added that greatly increase the chances of fusion accidents.[5]
  • Demons can now give level-up gifts from fusion level-ups as well.[5]
  • Demon Compendium data can be "Original", where the demon is treated as if it was freshly recruited to save on Macca, or "Custom."[5]

Demon Haunts[]

  • Demon Haunts have been added. While in Demon Haunts, the Nahobino will be able to interact with ally demons outside of battle.[5]
  • By giving demons gifts found throughout the Netherworld, special conversations will occur. These conversations can result in stat increases for the demon or receiving items.[5]
  • Guest Characters can also appear in Demon Haunts, with their conversations changing depending on the game's progression.[5]
  • Within the Demon Haunts is a bench where the player can interact with Aogami and Tsukuyomi in the Canon of Vengeance. Special conversations may occur which enhance the Nahobino's stats by giving 3 points to distribute.[5]
  • Demon Haunts feature a free camera mode so the player can take pictures.[5]


  • The mini-map can now be rotated instead of being fixed to face north.[1]
  • Abscesses no longer hide portions of the map.[5]
  • The color coding of the map has been adjusted to make it easier to distinguish elevations.[5]
  • Quest destinations can now be displayed on the map.[5]
  • Markers can be placed on the map.[5]
  • Map icons can be turned on and off individually.[5]


  • Magatsuhi demons, especially powerful demons who will drop an incense if defeated, will randomly appear.[5]
  • Magatsu Rails, connections between two points which allows for faster travel within Da'at and access to hidden areas, have been added.[5]
  • Aogami-type Essences can be found from "Aogami Husks," which can be found around the netherworld and respawn after a certain amount of time.[5]
  • Attacks from flying demons must always take place within the frame.[5]
  • The range of Relics have been doubled.[5]
  • The number of navigation demons has increased from 6 to 17.[5]
  • Navigation demons now emit a trail of light when they find an item, and a pillar of light when they hover over it.[5]
  • Even if the Nahobino is detected by an enemy, they can still gain the initiative in battle by attacking them from behind.[5]
  • The effect of Estoma is no longer affected by full moons, and consumes Magatsuhi instead of MP. It can also be turned on or off at any time after it is obtained.[5]
  • Aogami can survey from above with the press of a button, granting the player a bird's-eye view of the surrounding area.[5] Aogami's range is roughly the same as the mini-map.
  • The camera can see though obstacles.[5]

User Interface[]

  • The player will be able to turn specific miracles ON or OFF from the status screen.[1]
  • New Testament Tablets will allow players to reset the stats of the protagonist so that stat points can be reallocated.[1][5]
  • Players can save anywhere instead of having to use a leyline fount.[1]
  • Consumable growth items like Grimoires, Gospels, Incense, Sutras and Glory Crystals can now be consumed in bulk.[1]
  • The tutorial can be revisited at any time by opening the menu.[5]
  • Stick operation sensitivity and key alignments can now be adjusted.[5]
  • Brightness and contrast can be changed.[5]
  • An icon above a demon's name tells you if you already possess their essence.[5]
  • Players can search for essences by skills.[5]
  • More sorting options for demons have been added.[5]
  • A mark has been added to essences that can be purchased from the store.[5]
  • The recommended level of sub-quests can be found within the quest list.[5]
  • Level-up items now work automatically instead of after battle.[5]
  • The "Godborn" difficulty can be played in New Game Plus. At Godborn difficulty, all opponents are level 150. Additionally, incenses, balms, and sutras can be purchased from the Cadaver's Hollow with macca.[5]

New and Redesigned Demons[]

Previously unavailable in Shin Megami Tensei V[]

Some demons previously unavailable in the original release are set to appear in the enhanced edition of the game. Some of these demons are carried over from Soul Hackers 2, such as Hare of Inaba and Saturnus to name a few.


Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance has a total of 89 new songs by composer Ryota Kozuka. These new songs include themes for the demon group, the Qadištu and for new subquests[6]. See Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance Soundtrack.

Downloadable Content[]

All previous DLCs for Shin Megami Tensei V are included from the beginning of the game.[1]

Pre-Order Bonuses[]

  • Two special treasure sets which include Gleam Grenade & Haraedo Bead; both can be used infinitely in battle.[1]


The game was officially announced during the February 2024 Nintendo Direct with a release date of June 21, 2024 in the original announcement. Atlus later announced on Twitter that the game will release a week earlier on June 14, 2024 instead of June 21, 2024.[3]

According to game director Shigeo Komori, Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance was made to make several adjustments and improvements from the original version on the Nintendo Switch based on the feedback the game received from players and make it more accessible to newcomers to the series by making it more accessible to other game consoles and returning players by adding the new Canon of Vengeance Route for veteran players.[7]

Save Data Bonuses[]

Those with Save Data from the original release of Shin Megami Tensei V on the Nintendo Switch will be able to carry over data. Depending on how much progress and how many Alignment Routes the player has completed:

  • Save Data by choosing the "Uphold God’s Order" Route by clearing the game:
    • Abdiel (Archangel) Essence x1
    • Abdiel (Fallen Angel) Essence x1
    • Vitality Balm x10
    • Vitality Incense x10
    • Grimoire x10
    • Gospel x3
    • Whittled Goat x1
  • Save Data by choosing the "Recreate the world and save Tokyo" Route by clearing the game:
    • Hayataro Essence x1
    • Strength Balm x10
    • Magic Balm x10
    • Strength Incense x10
    • Magic Incense x10
  • Save Data by choosing the "Destroy the throne" Route by clearing the game:
    • Nuwa (Human Form) Essence x1
    • Nuwa (Snake Form) Essence x1
    • Agility Balm x10
    • Luck Balm x10
    • Agility Incense x10
    • Luck Incense x10
  • Save Data by choosing the "Destroy the throne" Route and then to "Create a world for humanity alone" by clearing the game:
  • Clearing all routes:
    • Battle Sutra x10
    • Fire Sutra x10
    • Ice Sutra x10
    • Elec Sutra x10
    • Force Sutra x10
    • Light Sutra x10
    • Dark Sutra x10
    • Destruction Sutra x10
    • Healing Sutra x5
    • Aiding Sutra x5
    • Calamity Sutra x10

The player can additionally carry over data of up to 3 demons from the Demonic Compendium with some exceptions specific to the story, including Panagia Tao and the original design of Lilith. Some skill potentials, stats, levels and affinities may not carry over either[8].

Special Edition[]

  • Deluxe Edition - Includes the Full Game along with DLC content at a reduced price.[1]




In-game Screenshots[]



Character Promotional Videos[]

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  • This is the first mainline Shin Megami Tensei game where:
    • A route lock can occur as soon as the beginning of the game.
    • The classic form of Lucifer is a summonable demon rather than a guest ally or enemy-only character.


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