Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card Summoner is a game in the series.


The player controls Yuuji Kino, a young kid playing the card game "Victory Battle" who is training to win the Card Championship. Unlike the other games in the series, the player summons and control his demons by trading cards that are gained by defeating other characters or in random battles. There are three chapters in the game:

  • Path to Victory!: The player take the challenge to become the new champion and is the main story.
  • Friend or Foe?: After becoming the champion, Yuuji befriends a girl named Yuri, who seems to have a dark secret that will change the world. A secret organization is behind her to discover her secret. Yuuji must protect her no matter what.
  • Final Battle: Three years have passed since the championship, but the demons summoned by the cards became real and a war between Gods, Humans, and Demons starts. This story has three alternative endings, based on which side Yuuji chooses:
    • Savior Ending: Yuuji destroys Lucifer, and Metatron allows God to recreate the world.
    • Normal Ending: Yuuji continues his life normally.
    • Demon Lord Ending: Yuuji destroys Metatron and leaves the earth as a paradise to demons.


  • Yuuji Kino (雄二キノ): The silent protagonist. He is a 14 year-old boy who wants to become the New Champion. His name can be changed by the player.
  • Samantha Kino (サマンサキノ) : The older sister of Yuuji. She is grumpy and rude and shows no mercy to her opponents. She serves the same role as the Chaos Hero and is faced as the Final Boss of Story Mode.
  • Yuri Takano (ユーリ高野) : Yuuji's best friend. A young and beautiful girl that has the ability to cast magic. She has the same role of the Law Hero
  • Master Karl (マスターカール) : The creator of the Victory Battle Card Championship and leader of the human resistance in the Final Battle episode.
  • Lucifer: The Demon Lord, representative of Chaos in the Final Battle episode.
  • Metatron: The Angel Lord, Representative of Law in the Final Battle episode.


List of Shin Megami Tensei Trading Card: Card Summoner Demons


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