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Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax is an updated soundtrack of the expansion re-release of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, titled Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax (Lucifer's Call in the EU release). The Soundtrack consists of extra soundtracks not present in the original, and background musics in the bonus dungeon of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniax. The soundtrack was composed by Shoji Meguro, Toshiko Tasaki, and Kenichi Tsuchiya.

References to previous soundtracksEdit

  • Track 8 first appeared in the PlayStation remakes of SMT and SMT2
  • Tracks 12 and 17 are arrangements of tracks of the same name from Shin Megami Tensei

Track ListEdit

No. Name Translation Occurrence
1ダンテ登場Dante AppearsDante intro. (1st encounter)
2アマラ深界Labyrinth of AmalaLabyrinth of Amala theme.
3通常戦闘~アマラ深界~Normal Battle ~Labyrinth of Amala~Battle in Labyrinth of Amala.
4SHOW TIME!! - Dante battle-Aftermath (1st encounter)
5魔界の主人Lord of HellTheme of Lucifer.
6チェックメイトCheckmateDante battle intro (2nd encounter)
7TALK - Fiend battle intro.
8魔人FiendFiend battle theme.
9ワープフィールドWarp FieldKalpa interval traveling.
10回想ReminiscenceFlashback insight.
11共闘Joining the FightDante offers assistance (5th Kalpa intro)
12LAW - Metatron battle intro
13メタトロンMetatronTheme of Metatron; battle theme
14一別PartingDante battle-Aftermath (2nd encounter)
15ダンテ戦闘Dante BattleDante battle theme.
17CHAOS - Beelzebub battle intro.
18ベルゼブブBeelzebubTheme of Beelzebub; battle theme
19闇の力Dark Power'True Demon' path event; Lucifer battle intro
20最後の戦いFinal BattleLucifer battle theme.
21闇の覇王High King of Darkness'True Demon' path ending movie.

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