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Shin Megami Tensei EDEN (真・女神転生〜EDEN〜) is a manga within the Shin Megami Tensei series.


  • Japan: April 2002 - November 2002 (Serialization)
  • Japan: February 2003 (Tankoban Release)


EDEN is an original manga drawn by Mutsuki Amatatsu based on the novel Shin Megami Tensei: Haikyo no Naka no Jin (真・女神転生 廃墟の中のジン) by Yoru Yoshimura, which was an original story based on Shin Megami Tensei.


Following the collapse of civilization after a worldwide nuclear war in the year XXXX A.D., demons have begun to emerge. The demon summoning warriors Jin, Jack, and Ayame summon demons to help protect people in their hunt for paradise.


  • Jin (ジン): A young man who works as a demon-summoning warrior who inherited Raishin's safe house. There he gathers children who have lost their parents and helps raise them. Filled with thoughts of self-sacrifice, he represents the law alignment.
  • Jack (ジャック): A young man who works as a demon-summoning warrior. After having the right half of his body devoured by demons, he mechanized it. Filled with the desire for power that won't lose to anyone, he represents the chaos alignment.
  • Ayame (アヤメ): A young woman who works as a demon-summoning warrior. Being a child of both demon and humans, she has a third eye sealed away.
  • Raishin (ライシン): After saving Jin, Jack, and Ayame from kidnappers as children, he raised them as a foster parent to be demon-summoning warriors. Raishin acts as their emotional support. His real name is Makoto Ikazuchi (雷真) and prior to the apocalypse, he worked for Japan's secret service as a demon-summoning warrior.
  • Karasu (カラス): The young woman responsible for medical care in Jin's safe house. She becomes pregnant with Jack's child.
  • Suzaki (スザキ): An older man who runs a junk shop. One of Raishin's former comrades in the secret service, he is searching for a way to create man-made demons that would be subservient to humans.
  • Orthrus: Jin's demon companion. Formerly, Raishin's demon companion, Orthrus was entrusted to him by Raishin.
  • Flauros: A deformed Fallen of the highest class. He leads the hunt against Jin's safe house.
  • Sarasvati: A synthetic demon created by Suzaki and given to Ayame. She has the power to defend against fire.
  • Maharagion: A powerful artificial demon created to defend Eden from foreign invaders. Due to one researcher reprogramming him, Maharagion now prevents anyone from entering the empty Eden.

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