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Shin Megami Tensei: Kahn (真・女神転生カーン) is the sequel to the manga adaptation of Shin Megami Tensei: if...

It was created by Kazuaki Yanagisawa (柳沢 一明), who wrote the original manga, and was serialized in Comic Beam, a magazine run by ASCII Comics, Aspect Comics, and Enterbrain, from December 1995 to September 2002. Yanagisawa also drew the illustrations. It was released in nine tankouban volumes. It was published internationally by Tokyopop in English, but discontinued after the second volume. In French, it was released in entirety by the publisher Ki-oon. In Italy too was entirely published, by the publisher Planet manga. However, it was simply published as "Kahn", removing the shin Megami tensei name from the title, that was changed with "sul Filo del terrore" and "un nuovo mondo"


Nobu and Yumi Shirakawa were the only students of Karukozaka High School to survive while the rest of the school appears to have disappeared entirely. Nobu and Yumi transfer to different schools and lose touch with one another, but they have not escaped the attention of two groups that are interested in the gateway to the Expanse that was opened within Karukozaka. On one side is Gotou, who is seeking to enact martial law within Tokyo to contain what he sees as an imminent demonic threat and on the other side is Ambassador Thorman (Tollman in the Tokyopop translation), an American ambassador and a founder of the Order of Messiah. Thorman works as a pastor and missionary in Japan while seeking out the survivors of Kaukozaka.

Things start to heat up when Thorman sends a demon to abduct Nobu, killing his mother in the process. Nobu escapes, but is branded a fugitive by the police. He encounters his Pixie companion from the original manga and seeks out Yumi, who is also under attack by Thorman's agents. Events escalate to the point where Yumi, under Thorman's guidance, unleashes a flood on Tokyo.

At this point, the manga shifts thirty years to a post-apocalyptic wasteland where Nobu and Pixie were transported. There they encounter what appears to be a revived Ideo Hazama.


  • Nobu: Protagonist and survivor of the incident at Karukozaka. He carries a gun and a disc with the demon summoning program. He can smell demons.
  • Yumi Shirakawa: Nobu's friend and fellow survivor. She is attempting to forget what happened at Karukozaka and move on when the events in Kahn draw her back in. Her magical abilities are Thorman's main objective.
  • Reiko: Ideo Hazama's sister who lived separately from him due to their parent's divorce. She is a follower of the Messian faith and appears to be in contact with her brother's spirit.
  • Ideo Hazama: The antagonist of the original manga. His spirit appears to Reiko in the form of an unborn child.
  • Ambassador Thorman: American Ambassador, founder and missionary of the Messian Church. He sees Nobu as a threat to his intended creation of the Millennium Kingdom.
  • Gotou: Leader of the coup d'etat, he plans on murdering Thorman and gain control over the gateway to the Expanse in Karukozaka High School.
  • Ozawa: A Yakuza member who, despite losing his right arm and leg in a battle against a demon, stops anyone who tries to prevent Gotou's plans.


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