Devil Children Manga Volume 1

Original Cover for Volume 1

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children (真・女神転生 デビルチルドレン) is a manga adaptation of the original Devil Children games.


Devil Children was created by Fujii Hideaki, who later went on to write the Light & Dark manga. It largely follows the plotline of the games with some differences in terms of character roles and appearances. The tone is also darker and more violent. The story is primarily told from Setsuna's point-of-view, but occasionally switches to Mirai Kaname's perspective. It was serialized in Kodansha's Monthly Comic BomBom from 2001-2002. The manga's original tankoban release spanned five volumes, but a three-volume special edition with extra content was released in May 2013.



DC Manga Reprint 1
Special Edition Volume 1
DC Manga Reprint 2
Special Edition Volume 2
DC Manga Reprint 3
Special Edition Volume 3
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