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[[Image:DemikidsDark.jpg|thumb|300px|''DemiKids: Dark Version'' box art]]
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'''Devil Children: Book of Dark''' is part of a dualogy with [[Devil Children: Book of Light]] developed by Multimedia Intelligence Transfer. The two games together make up a second generation of Devil Children games. Both the ''Book of Dark'' and the ''Book of Light'' were released in North America as ''DemiKids: Dark Version'' and ''Light Version'', respectively. Unlike many other multi-version games, there is a large amount of changes between ''Book of Dark'' and ''Book of Light''.
==Release Dates==
*'''Japan''': 15 November, 2002 for Gameboy Advance
*'''North America''': 7 October, 2003 for Gameboy Advance
''Devil Children: Book of Dark''' features the same style of gameplay as is featured in earlier ''Devil Children'' games. The game world is navigated in a 3rd person perspective, however battle is handled in first person, similar to the earlier [[Shin Megami Tensei]]. Unlike most Megami Tensei games, the moon phase mechanic is not used. The game's fusion mechanics are also simplified to make the game more accessible to a younger audience. For example, the resulting demon is always the same type demon as it's predecessor, and level alters the resulting demon, instead of combinations between demon types.
Some demons are only available in the [[Devil Children: Book of Light]], and players can use a link cable to trade and battle against each other. In comparison to the ''Book of Light'', the ''Book of Dark'' features more challenging gameplay and far more complex mechanics.
::''For a list of demons, see [[List of Devil Children: Book of Dark Demons]]''
*[[Akira]]: The ''Book of Dark'' protagonist. He is a studious boy who discovers he is a [[Devil Child]].
*[[Gale]]: The demonic guide belonging to Akira.
*[[Jin]]: The ''Book of Light'' protagonist. He is an energetic slacker who discovers he is a Devil Child.
*[[Shin]]: A Devil Child from the land of [[Valhalla]].
*[[Lena]]: Jin and Akira's friend who enjoys mysterious things. Has a habit of lecturing people.
*[[Ami]]: A mysterious girl from Valhalla who gives Jin and Akira [[Devil Risers]].
==External Links==
*[ Japanese official Site]
*[ North America official Site]

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