Shin Kanzato is the protagonist of the anime series Persona -trinity soul-.

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Shin has a strong sense of justice and impulsive nature making him a poor match for Ryo's more cool-headed and enigmatic nature.

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Shin Kanzato is the younger brother of Ryo Kanzato and older brother to Jun Kanzato. He is a second-year student at Naginomori High School. He always carries a pendant in the shape of a feather, which is a memento of his father. After his parents and little sister died, he and Jun spent time with relatives. The series picks up ten years after the incident that killed his parents when he returns to Ayanagi City with Jun. Immediately, he clashes with his older brother.

Inheriting his parents' artistic talents, Shin is adept at making clay models and sketching. Even before realizing his own Persona's power, he sketches and models most of the persona that appear in his dreams. After meeting Igor, he makes a model of him as well.

Within the series, it comes to light that Shin has been forced to forget his role in the events of ten years ago. After seeing his parents attacked by Ayane Komatsubara, he awakens to his Persona and ends up skewering them. Shaken to the point it is mistaken for Apathy Syndrome by some, Shin's condition forces Ryo to look into hypnotism to help him overcome the crippling guilt.

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Persona -trinity soul-
Shin Kanzato Concept Art 1
Concept art
Shin Kanzato Concept Art 2
Concept art
Shin Kanzato Concept Art 3
Concept art
Shin hugging yuki
Anime Artwork of Shin hugging Yuki in his ideal world.
Shin Jun and Ryo
Artwork of the Kanzato Brothers. With Shin Hugging Jun
Shin hugging Kanaru
Anime Artwork of Shin and Kanaru.
Shin Summon
Shin summons Abel
Shin Artwork
Shin sketching
Shin Child
Shin as a child
Shin Ideal
Shin's ideal world
Shin Strangle
Shin strangles Ayane
Persona Music Live Wei City Tokyo Artwork
Illustration of the Shin, Yu, the male protagonist and the female protagonist
Persona Music Live Velvetroom in Akasaka Blitz Artwork
Illustration of the Shin, Yu and the male protagonist
Persona Music Live 2012 Art
Illustration of the Shin, Yu, the male protagonist and the female protagonist

Trivia Edit

  • In the first episode Shin draws a picture of Ryo's Persona, Cain, on the back of a comment card at the Bamboo Family Diner. When Jun asks Shin if what Shin drew is what attacks Shin in his dreams, Shin tells Jun it kills him, a reference to the Biblical story.
  • He is the only protagonist in the Persona series that cannot use multiple Persona.
  • Shin Kanzato has more characteristics in common with Aigis than with the other Persona protagonists post-3: 
    • He, Maya Amano and Aigis are the only protagonists who cannot be named by the player.
    • He and Aigis are the only protagonists not to be silent in games/anime where they are the main character.
    • He and Aigis are the only protagonists post-3 not to be of the Fool Arcana. Shin Kanzato's Arcana is unknown, while Aigis is Chariot.
    • He and Aigis are the only protagonists which have no Social Links. Aigis was a Social Link for the Persona 3 protagonist, but she couldn't start any new Social Links by herself, while trinity soul doesn't mention Social Links at all. 
    • The reason for this is that they aren't the protagonists of a main-series game or anime. Aigis is the protagonist of a special post-game arc in FES, while trinity soul is a non-canon spin-off, so Megaten series traditions don't apply there. 
  • He's the only protagonist, aside from Tatsuya whose family has plot relevance.
  • He shares the same birthday with Kanji Tatsumi as they are both born in January 19th.
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