Shin, known as Shun in Japan, is a character in the Devil Children series.



DemiKids: Light & DarkEdit

Shin is a Demikid who lives in Valhalla and is a member of the Rebels who oppose the Imperium. He is shown alongside Amy talking about the Time Rifts in the intro during Light Version. He is one of the strongest Demikids of the Rebels. He visits Lord Lucifer in Dem to find any news that could help the Rebels and Demons of Dem, but could not find any. Later Drail manipulates him into killing Lucifer with Forlos aid. Jin comes to the aid of Lucifer by traveling through time thanks to Lucifer's gem and the Three Time Maidens. He then defeats Shin's Hydra, Harpy, and Tiamat in a fight.

He learns of Drail's betrayal in the Ice Temple and confronts him alongside Jin. Shin is shocked when Drail takes his own life. In Dark Version he informs Akira of Amy Kashihara's death. He resides in Annwn Town after the Final Boss is defeated and gets a sense that something awful will begin soon.

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Shin is the first BattleNet opponent in the game at level 10. It is possible to obtain Devil Wings from him after his defeat.


Shin in Devil Children Messiah Riser
Shin in Devil Children: Light & Dark
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