Shiiba Kusu is a character from Persona -trinity soul-.



Shiiba unlike his brother, he's reserved and rarely speaks with the other members of Marebito, despite Saki Tachibana's efforts to reach out to him. As a young boy, he was unaware that Wakasa was being abused by their parents, only thinking that they preferred his twin brother over him. Shiiba greatly admires Mareya Kujou and sees him as a parental figure.


Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Shiiba is the younger twin brother of Wakasa Kusu and works for Marebito alongside him.

After his brother's death, he appears more frequently with the Marebito and works with them to prevent Shin Kanzato and the others from interfering with an attempt to get more suppressants. However, he collapses and is saved by Jun Kanzato. Under Soutarou Senou's orders, he then attacks a truck, forcing it into a collision with the car Jun is in.

Even as Persona Suppressors become more rare among the Marebito, he still attempts to give his to the comatose Mareya, much to Soutarou's distaste. Shiiba is killed by Mareya near the end of the series when Mareya consumes his Persona.


Shiiba Saki
Saki helps him hold a suppressor
Shiiba Fight
Shiiba fights Shin
Shiiba Phone
Shiiba on the phone with Soutarou
Shiiba Mareya
Shiiba using a suppressor on Mareya


  • Shiiba shares a voice actor with his twin brother.
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