Shigeru Kanzato is a character in Persona -trinity soul-.



Persona -trinity soul-Edit

Shigeru Kanzato is the father of the Kanzato family and the husband of Haruka Kanzato. He appears to have been a loving father and had a sense of humor, playing jokes on Ryo Kanzato, his son. However, he is very protective of his family and has a fairly strong sense of justice.

In the past, he was a scientist working with Keisuke Komatsubara in studying the Persona of his daughter, Ayane Komatsubara. However, Keisuke's increasingly dangerous experiments and the accident involving his daughter made Shigeru and Haruka realize they needed to resign from their positions on his team. Shigeru is seen on the phone in one flashback trying to encourage Keisuke to back away from this sort of research even after he and Haruka have left.

Following their resignation, he wrote children's books with his wife, including the Whale's Feather storybook that reappears throughout the series. He intended to take responsibility for the experiments he did with Keisuke by joining his wife in turning themselves in to the proper authorities. However, they are not able to do this as Ayane appeared before them and attacked them, killing Shigeru and Haruka.


Shigeru Younger
Shigeru during the experiments
Shigeru Ayane
Shigeru confronts Ayane
Shigeru Idealized
Shigeru in Shin's idealized dream
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