Screenshot of Shichiri Beach. Yu contemplates on gazing out to sea

Shichiri Beach (七里海岸, Shichiri-kaigan)? is a location in Persona 4 Golden. It is a beach located a distance from Inaba that can only be reached with a scooter. The beach serves as the primary location for Quest 15: The Shichiri Beach Guardian and a cutscene involving the Investigation Team.

To unlock this location, Yu Narukami has to "Take a Long Ride" on the scooter three times. Upon unlocking, the player has three activities to do here - "Fish", "Gaze out to sea", or "Swim". Gazing out to sea enables one Persona in Yu's collection to learn a new skill, while Swimming increases Courage. The player may also go to the beach with other party members in which they can also learn a new skill or learn forgotten skills.


Narukami may fish provided he has received the Deep-Sea Rod which can only be obtained from the old man at Samegawa Flood Plain riverbank. To receive the rod, the player has to catch the River Guardian using the Inaba Jewel Bug and show the Guardian to the old man. Quest 15: The Shichiri Beach Guardian can be unlocked from granting a quest from the Fox. Below is a list of fish that can be caught here.

Name Effect Bait 1 Bait 2
Hachiro Octopus Recovers 10 SP of an ally Daimyo Grasshopper Heike Stag Beetle
Meguro Tuna Heals all HP of an ally Heike Stag Beetle Genji Beetle
Sea Guardian Recovers all SP of an ally Genji Beetle -

Successfully catching the Sea Guardian for the first time grants the player the Trophy "Fishing Master".


Persona 4 Golden 5
The guys during the summer vacation event
Yu capturing the Hachiro Octopus
Bike riding to Shichiri Beach
Persona 4 Golden 4
The Investigation Team at Shichiri Beach

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