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""Alice Hiiragi's Wonderland". Here's my EMMA keyword. Please become my friend!"
—The content on Alice's card, Persona 5 Strikers

Shibuya Jail, also known as the Cage of Lust, is a location in Persona 5 Strikers. It is the Jail of Shibuya, with Alice Hiiragi as its Monarch.



During a meeting with Alice Hiiragi in a public event, she hands the protagonist a card to "wonderland" where they can "befriend" Alice by inputting "Wonderland" into the EMMA app. In reality, that activates the Metaverse Navigator, and the trio is teleported into a section of the Metaverse overlaid into Shibuya where Shadow Alice appears and steals the desires of everyone inside it bar the protagonist, Morgana and Ryuji Sakamoto.

The trio fight their way out only to be surrounded, and the Shadows bring them to Shadow Alice for interrogation. She aggressively flirts with the protagonist, but cannot get anything from him, frustrating her. Shadow Alice dumps all three intruders into a junkyard where they encounter Sophia in the form of a box. Sophia assumes human form and escorts them to the way out, even displaying combat abilities. Having been accidentally stumbled upon a new Metaverse incident, the party puts the vacation on the back burner until this case is solved.

The next day, the party goes to Shibuya to check out the victims of yesterday's case. Upon investigation, the party finds everyone who was attacked by Shadows yesterday undergone a Change of Heart and were horribly mesmerized by Alice. The brainwashed adorers cause destructive incidents such as money loss, divorces, job expulsions and street fights all over Shibuya. After an initial investigation, the protagonist and Ann Takamaki attend a talk show in Akasaka Mitsuke to meet Alice personally to check if she's really that malicious. The program starts out as normal and seemingly no abnormalities come out from Alice herself at first, but a married host started talking about rumors of her boyfriend, then suddenly confesses his love for Alice. The protagonist and Ann later spot her in a hallway where her manager tries to get her to explain, only to be attacked and humiliated by her in an extremely indecent fashion (stomping on the manager just like her Shadow Self did to the protagonist). She attacks him physically with malicious glee on her face, even bragging that she scared her first manager into cowering in his home, further proving that she is indeed distorted.

The Jail itself resembles the real world Shibuya, but with a purple skyline and overlaid with gaudy decor and Alice posters. The party is required to steal three "energy sources," known as cores, from the security towers, and must return to the real world due to the castle itself being surrounded by a barricade. The party formulates a plan after returning to the Metaverse, where they disable the barricade while the protagonist takes care of thousands of Shadows on his own. The center of the Shibuya Jail is a gaudy castle overlaid into the Shibuya 705 department store, decorated with Alice in Wonderland imagery. This castle is the main destination of the Phantom Thieves' infiltration.

On the top of its castle, valuable energy is stored, locked by a crown-shaped dome, which is only supported by giant rainbow-colored chains and a padlock. Getting rid of that lock will summon the Monarch, and the Monarch was revealed to be actually shut inside that lock. This is the "Birdcage of Lust" and interacting with the barricade reveals an auditory flashback of what seems to be Alice being bullied in a school. The party believes that the Bird Cage is inside Alice's former school, although she had deleted all mentions of it. While the party was initially stumped, Zenkichi Hasegawa, despite still being untrustworthy to the party at that time, provides them with valuable intel by implying that her former school is Shujin Academy (by telling Yusuke "everyone but yours" when he questions if Alice studied in Kosei High School.) The Phantom Thieves infiltrate the Jail in Shujin, now being overlaid by an isolated part of the Jail resembling a classroom where a Shadow taking form of Alice's bully throws insults on her while stepping on Alice and filming the humiliation. It was revealed that Alice, unlike most of the Thieves' targets confronted before, isn't an inherently malicious person. Instead, she used to have a popular boy at school confess to her, leading to her being bullied by other girls in her class and that boyfriend being taken away as well. When the Shadow of the bully spots the party, it steps down, twitches and breaks into a Lock Keeper and attacks them. After the entity was defeated, it drops a lock that breaks, finally summoning the Monarch into her Jail.

The party sends the calling card via the "Futaba Cannon" broadcast hijack that night in order to announce the Phantom Thieves' grand return. They return to the Birdcage of Lust, where the desires manifest as a diamond that is impossible to lift and too high to reach. While the party discusses a plan, Alice appears and attacks. Unlike past targets, she is just confused and shocked, especially when Ann tells her about the Shujin incident. Due to being denied of her worth, Alice snaps and transforms into a grotesque rabbit-like creature to attack the party, only to be defeated. The party subdues the monster and she reverts back to human form, finally venting her disdain to be earnest, confesses to her crimes and takes off her crown, causing the Desire Diamond to break into numerous small pieces and freeing the inmates within the Jail. The Alice craze vanishes on the next day, and the real world Alice confesses live and is now exposed and discredited. However, the broadcast hijack backfired for the Phantom Thieves; because it preceded Alice's Change of Heart, the police's suspicions against the Phantom Thieves as the instigator of the bizarre change of hearts deepen. Furthermore, it was revealed that the incidents had been occurring all over Japan. To prove their innocence to Zenkichi, the Phantom Thieves must investigate other Monarchs across Japan.

However, in Sendai, an isolated case of a person attacking people dissing Alice occurs, indicating that the Jail still exists and people can be randomly affected once they did before, opening the window for requests.


Treasure Type Location
Breath Sash Accessory Treasure chest - Underground Waterway
HP Incense Item Treasure chest - Underground Waterway
Revival Bead Item Treasure chest - Station Square
Magic Incense Item Treasure chest - Maruku City
Null Dizzy Skill Card Treasure chest - Maruku City
Silk Scarf Cat armor Treasure chest - Maruku City
Pulsar Sophia weapon Treasure chest - Maruku City
Magic Amulet Accessory Treasure chest - Shibuya Station: West Exit
Chipped Microchip x3 Materials Treasure chest - Underground Waterway
Blizz Dagger Protagonist weapon Treasure chest - Maruku City
Hacker Gear Mk. 1 Futaba armor Treasure chest - Miyamae Park
Null Forget Skill Card Treasure chest - Miyamae Park
Alluring Sticker Accessory Treasure chest - Miyamae Park (behind timed fence)
Snap Skill Card Treasure chest - Central Street
Life Stone Item Treasure chest - Central Street
Power Incense Item Treasure chest - Central Street
Soul Drop Item Treasure chest - Bunkamachi
Senryo Yakusha S Yusuke Weapon Lock Lv 2 Treasure chest - Bunkamachi


Gear availble for the party's use while in the Shibuya Jail.

Weapon User Attack Effect Location
Silver Dagger Protagonist 50 - Sophia's Shop (¥1,600)
Kukri Protagonist 60 - Sophia's Shop (¥2,400)
Blizz Dagger Protagonist 66 +Freeze (low) Treasure Chest - Maruku City
Mace Ryuji 52 - Sophia's Shop (¥1,400)
Hell Slugger Ryuji 58 - Sophia's Shop (¥2,000)
Falchion Morgana 44 - Sophia's Shop (¥1,000)
Ryozanpaku Sword Morgana 52 - Sophia's Shop (¥1,800)
Spin Attacker Sophia 42 - Sophia's Shop (¥1,400)
Super Yo-Yo Sophia 54 - Sophia's Shop (¥2,200)
Pulsar Sophia 56 +Dizzy (low) Treasure chest - Maruku City
Heat Whip Ann 44 +Burn (low) Sophia's Shop (¥2,000)
Fundo-Kusari Ann 52 - Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Unmarked Katana Yusuke 56 - Sophia's Shop (¥1,800)
Gunto Yusuke 62 - Sophia's Shop (¥2,400)
Delta Knuckles Makoto 52 - Sophia's Shop (¥1,200)
Heavy Grip Makoto 58 - Sophia's Shop (¥1,800)
Felling Axe Haru 60 - Sophia's Shop (¥2,200)
Battle Axe Haru 64 - Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)

Protector User Defense Effect Location
Padded Shirt Unisex 34 En +3 Sophia's Shop (¥1,600)
Silk Scarf Cats 34 Ma +3 Sophia's Shop (¥1,400)
Treasure chest - Maruku City
Battle Camisole Females 34 +10 HP Sophia's Shop (¥1,800)
Shoulder Pads Males 36 Ag +2 Sophia's Shop (¥1,800)
Lynx Camo Vest Unisex 44 +Null Sleep Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Magic Camisole Females 44 Ma +3 Sophia's Shop (¥2,800)
Cat Sweater Cats 46 +Null Freeze Sophia's Shop (¥2,400)
Burntech Males 46 +Null Freeze Sophia's Shop (¥2,800)
Hacker Gear Mk. 1 Futaba 60 +20 HP Treasure chest - Miyamae Park

Accessory Effect Location
Breath Sash HP +10 Treasure chest - Underground Waterway
Flame Ring +Reduce Fire dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Ice Ring +Reduce Ice dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Elec Ring +Reduce Elec dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Wind Ring +Reduce Wind dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Atom Ring +Reduce Nuke dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Psychic Ring +Reduce Psy dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Shoten Ring +Reduce Bless dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Midnight Ring +Reduce Curse dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Spirit Belt +Reduce Phys dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥2,600)
Magic Amulet Ma +1 Treaure chest - Shibuya Station: West Exit
Alluring Sticker +ST gauge rate up (low) Treasure chest - Miyamae Park (behind timed fence)


  • Alice's Pop One-piece Dress
  • Un-Un July issue Magazine featuring Alice
  • CD Case of Alice's debut album "Macaron Canon"


Normal enemies

Shadow Lv Arcana Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png Almighty Icon P5.png
Guard 1 - - - - - - - - - - - 20
Drone 2 - - - - - - - - - - - 20
Jack-o'-Lantern 2 Magician - - Dr Wk - Wk - - - - 20
Pixie 2 Lovers - Wk - Wk St - - - St Wk 20
Bicorn 4 Hermit - - - - Wk - - - St - 20
Mokoi 5 Death - - - - St Wk - - - - 20
Silky 6 Priestess - - Wk St Wk - - - - - 20
Succubus 7 Moon - Wk St - - - - - Wk Nu 20
Andras 10 Devil - - Wk St - - - St - Nu 20
Precious Pink - - - - Wk - - - - - - - -

Shadow Lv Arcana Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png Almighty Icon P5.png
Guard ??? - - - - - - - - - - - 20
Drone ??? - - - - - - - - - - - 20
Jack-o'-Lantern 72 Magician - - Dr Wk - Wk - - - - 20
Pixie 72 Lovers - Wk - Nu Dr - - - St Wk 20
Bicorn 72 Hermit - St - - Wk Dr - - St - 20
Mokoi 72 Death - Nu - St St Wk - - - - 20
Silky 72 Priestess - - Wk St Wk - - - - - 20
Succubus 72 Moon - Wk Nu - - Wk Dr St Wk Nu 20
Andras 72 Devil - - Wk Dr - - - St - Nu 20
Precious Pink ??? - St St Wk Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu Nu 20



Bonus boss



  • The Jail is inspired by Wonderland, the main setting from Alice in Wonderland. Its keyword is also "Wonderland."
  • In the basement area where Sophia was first met, chairs, tables and doors resembling ones from Shujin Academy can be found littered around the junk. This foreshadows Alice's past and trauma with the academy.

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