"Alice Hiiragi's "Wonderland". It's EMMA's friendship keyword. Become friends with me!"
—The content on Alice's card, Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers

Shibuya's Jail, also known as the Birdcage of Lust, is a location in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. It is the Jail of Shibuya, with Alice Hiiragi as its king.



During a meeting with Alice Hiiragi in a public event, she grants the protagonist a card to "wonderland" where they can "befriend" Alice by inputting "Wonderland" into the EMMA app. Once they do, they are teleported into a section of the Metaverse overlaid into Shibuya where shadow Alice appears and steals the desires of everyone inside it bar the protagonist, Morgana, and Ryuji Sakamoto.

The trio fight their way out only to be surrounded, in which Alice brings them to her for interrogation. Since she cannot get anything from the protagonist, she instead dumps all three of the intruders to a junkyard where they encounter Sophia taking the form of a box. Once she assumes human form, the four defeat Shadows and make their way out. Sophia manifests herself as an application overlaid on top of EMMA, and once the trio go back to reality, they find everyone mesmerized by Alice, causing destructive incidents arranging from money loss to street fights all over Shibuya. Alice herself is later found by the protagonist and Ann Takamaki after a live broadcast, where she can be seen suddenly changing the heart of a married host who talked about her boyfriend so he goes for her instead, then physically attacking her manager because he tried to stop her, further proving that she is indeed distorted.

The center of Shibuya's Jail is overlaid into the Shibuya 705 department store and is the main destination in the Phantom Thieves' infiltration.

On the top of its castle, valuable energy is stored, locked by a crown-shaped dome, which is only supported with giant rainbow-colored chains and a padlock. Getting rid of that lock will summon the King, as the King is actually shut inside that lock. Before they did so, a flashback reveals that Alice is actually no evil person, but is in fact, a girl that was bullied horribly in her former school because she had a crush. Once they return to the real world, they realize the Bird Cage is inside Alice's former school, although she had deleted all mentions of it. Zenkichi Hasegawa however, tells them that her former school is Shujin Academy, and the Phantom Thieves rush to there, in which a flashback of Alice's past plays. The Shadow of her bully twitches and breaks into a Lock Keeper, which must be defeated to break the lock. Once they did so, the lock breaks and the King is summoned into her Jail.

The party then sends the calling card via the "Futaba Cannon" broadcast hijack in order to announce the Phantom Thieves' grand return and enter the Jail, where the desires manifest as a diamond that is impossible to lift. However, Alice appears and attacks the party, and unlike past targets, she is just confused and shocked, especially when Ann tells her about the Shujin incident. Due to being denied of her worth, Alice snaps and transforms into a grosteque rabbit-like creature to attack the party, only to be defeated. Once this is over, she confesses to her crimes and takes off her crown, and Shibuya reverts to its former state. On the next day, Alice confesses live and is now exposed and discredited.

However, an isolate case of a person attacking people dissing Alice occurs when the party goes to Sendai, indicating that the Jail still exists and people can be randomly affected once they did before, opening the window for quests.


  • Alice's Pop One-piece Dress
  • Un-Un July issue Magazine featuring Alice
  • CD Case of Alice's debut album "Macaron Canon"

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  • Black Frost (Required to be defeated in order to unlock its fusion)


P5S Shibuya Jail
The protagonist, Morgana and Ryuji encountering Shibuya's Jail
P5S Alice Hiiragi Jail
Alice Hiiragi in Shibuya's Jail
P5S Alice Hiiragi Jail King
Alice Hiiragi in Shibuya's Jail
P5S ShibuyaJail Summit
The dome of Shibuya's Jail
2 20発売『ペルソナ5 スクランブル』ご当地TVCM 渋谷編

2 20発売『ペルソナ5 スクランブル』ご当地TVCM 渋谷編

The Jail as part of Shibuya's Commercial


  • The Jail its inspired in Wonderland, the main setting from Alice in Wonderland. It's keyword is also appropriately, "Wonderland".
  • In the basement area where Sophia was first met, chairs, tables and doors resembling ones from Shujin Academy can be found littered around the junk. This foreshadows that Alice is actually from Shujin and she was traumatized to the point that she does not even want to mention the school.

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