Shibusawa is a character in Persona 5 Royal. He is a friend of Takuto Maruki and becomes acquainted with the protagonist.



Shibusawa is Maruki's friend from college. The two seemed very close, as Shibusawa was aware of a lot of Maruki's personal life; such as his girlfriend and his project to prove the existence of the cognitive world to Japan, and introducing the idea of changing the cognition of trauma victims to help them heal.

Before the events of the game, Shibusawa meets with Maruki, who angrily tells him about how the professor and investors initially interested in Maruki's paper, suddenly stopped funding his project and the research lab in Odaiba, on the basis that there was "no concrete evidence" to support the existence of the cognitive world. This is later revealed to be the result of Masayoshi Shido stealing his research for his own purposes. Upon talking with Maruki some more about where Maruki will go from there, Shibusawa leaves and Maruki (presumably) drinks the night away.

During Maruki's Confidant with the protagonist, they go to the restaurant from the Phantom Thieves' first celebration. There, Maruki unintentionally reunites with Shibusawa and he is introduced to the protagonist. They discuss Maruki's college life, as well as an awkward question about Rumi, until Maruki insists everything's fine and they move on from the topic. This is the only time the protagonist meets Shibusawa until the end of his probation.


  • During the farewell segment of the game's ending, the protagonist can find Shibusawa in Kichijoji. Upon speaking with him, he mentions how the last time he ran into Maruki, he wasn't acting like himself, apologizing for everything he'd done, implied that it was after his change of heart.


P5R Shibusawa
Shibusawa's Portrait
P5R Portrait Shibusawa Smiling
Shibusawa smiling
P5R Portrait Shibusawa Scowling
Shibusawa scowling
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Shibusawa sad
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Shibusawa surprised
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Shibusawa's portrait (young)
P5R Portrait Shibusawa Young Smiling
Shibusawa smiling (young)
P5R Portrait Shibusawa Young Scowling
Shibusawa scowling (young)
P5R Portrait Shibusawa Young Sad
Shibusawa sad (young)

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