Shibahama Core is a group of stores found in Soul Hackers.



Stores that sell regular goods. If they know that the one coming in has a COMP, they will sell weapons and other goods to the summoner. During New Game+ Code Breaker can be played at the shops, except for Sawamura Thai and the O.E.A., the latter of which has MAG Grab instead.

Video Extreme!Edit

A video rental store that sells swords, guns, and bullets.

Artist Allez!Edit

An art gallery that sells armor.

Robot HausEdit

A doll shop that sells items that harm enemy demons or increase/decrease the encounter rate. The elderly female shopkeeper calls Dr. Victor "Uncle".

Rx and EffectsEdit

A pharmacy that sells healing items.

Hakkaku LiquorEdit

A liquor store run by a female shopkeeper who has taken a liking to the protagonist. Sells sake that changes a demon's personality, or other goods that can increase loyalty.

Sawamura ThaiEdit

A restaurant that restore or heals humans and demons back to full health using food.


Short for Organic Energy Association, it sells and buys MAG. The rate of how much MAG is worth changes from time to time.


Video Extreme! Shopkeeper DSSH
Video Extreme! Shopkeeper
Artist Allez! Shopkeeper DSSH
Artist Allez! Shopkeeper
Robot Haus Shopkeeper DSSH
Robot Haus Shopkeeper
Rx and Effects Shopkeeper DSSH
Rx and Effects Shopkeeper
Hakkaku Liquor Shopkeeper DSSH
Hakkaku Liquor Shopkeeper
Sawamura Thai Shopkeeper DSSH
Sawamura Thai Shopkeeper
Organic Energy Association Shopkeeper DSSH
Organic Energy Association Shopkeeper
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