"This lacks the necessary specs..."
—Shiang Sun, Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2

Shiang Sun is a character in Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2. He is a member of the Liberators.



A Chinese college student from Shanghai who's studying super computers. He loves surfing and horror movies and becomes really excited when talking about the latter. He initally joins the Protagonist's party upon completion of Chapter 2 with a level 5 Forneus that knows Bufula and Mazio.

Dx2 Limit Break ScenarioEdit

In Chalk Eater's Limit Break scenario, he asks for the Protagonist and Eileen's assistance in harnessing a demon for use in hacking. They first try to use a Blob with little success. They later capture a Raijuu and test it in the field. Unfortunately, it backfires and Chalk Eater finds himself under the control of the demon, revealing his dark side.

After being saved by the Protagonist, Chalk Eater talks about the reason why he became a hacker: He wanted to destroy the internet, since he spent most of his childhood being neglected by his parents who were hooked on SNS and the internet in general. Despite this being his initial intention, he has mellowed out over time and grown to love the very platform he once despised, because it was through the internet that he met Megakin and the rest of his Dx2 friends. This recent experience strengthened his resolve to continue the fight against the Acolytes.

Event ScenariosEdit

Ghost In The ComputerEdit

A strange website called "Gremlin" has been trending lately due to how accurate it can give information about other people. Any question can be answered, except that of the webmaster's identity. People who seek out such information would find their computers or mobile devices completely destroyed.

This hardly deters Shiang Sun, asking his fellow Liberators to gather computer parts for backup and spec building. This gave his terminal the necessary capability to seek out and unmask the mastermind behind the website: a demon known as Gremlin. The demon reveals that he does it just because he can, since he travels with ease between computers connected to the internet. He ignores Shiang Sun and Megakin when they warned him about the consequences of baring people's secrets.

After gathering more parts, Shiang Sun was able to contain the Gremlin and shut down the website. However, the demon was quickly able to find a hole in the program and escape, destroying Shiang Sun's files in the process.


Skill Effect Cost
Analysis I
25% chance to reveal an enemy elemental affinity when turn starts. None
Reveals 1 affinity of an enemy. 1 SP
Ma Plus I
+3 to Ma of all party members.
Ma Plus II
+5 to Ma of all party members. 3 SP
Ma Plus III
+7 to Ma of all party members. 5 SP
Vi Plus I
+3 to Vi of all party members. 1 SP
Vi Plus II
+5 to Vi of all party members. 3 SP
Vi Plus III
+7 to Vi of all party members. 5 SP
Analysis II
50% chance to reveal an enemy elemental affinity when turn starts.
10% chance to use only 1 Press Turn Icon even if Miss/Null/Repel/Drain activates. 8 SP
Sixth Sense
10% chance for all party members to recover 1 MP when attacking enemy's weak point. 15 SP
WEAK Killer
10% chance to cast Tarukaja when attacking enemies weak point. 3 SP
WEAK Freak
10% chance to cast Rakukaja when attacking enemies weak point.
WEAK Sniper
10% chance to cast Sukukaja when attacking enemies weak point.
Null Recovery
50% probability to cast Rakunda when an attack is nullified.
Repel Recovery
50% probability to cast Rakunda when an attack is repelled.
Drain Recovery
50% probability to cast Rakunda when an attack is drained.


  • A handful of Chalk Eater's skills are named after horror movies.