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Shadow Operatives

The Shadow Operatives.

"Our primary objective is the destruction of Shadows."
—Aigis to Yu Narukami, Persona 4 Arena

The Shadow Operatives (シャドウワーカー, Shadou Waakaa)?, official title Security Department, Shadow Response Unit, are an organization in Persona 4 Arena.



An unofficial section of the police backed by the Kirijo Group, the purpose of the Shadow Operatives is to hunt Shadows and deal with Persona related activity. The Shadow Operatives have a certain hierarchy where the lowest numbered member of the group within an operation must lead. In addition to their standard members, Reserve Members may be called upon for support, though they are not usually called upon unless an incident of grave importance is happening.

The most familiar members are the former SEES members, though Mitsuru and Aigis are the most active members. Akihiko decided to travel the world and will eventually leave the organization, Junpei and Yukari decided to pursue their own careers and Ken is going through middle school. While not official, the Investigation Team of Persona 4 has agreed to cooperate with the Shadow Operatives (specifically Mitsuru) for the capture of Sho Minazuki while also living out their daily lives.

Known Members[]



  • In Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal, the playable cast can wear costumes based on the Shadow Operatives. Said costumes seemed to be similar to Mitsuru's catsuit and the Agent Suit set from Persona 4.

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