Shadow Labrys is Labrys' shadow self and the final boss of Persona 4 Arena's Arcade Mode.



For the most part, Shadow Labrys shares the same design as her other self, with her unique features being her bright yellow eyes which glow faintly in dim conditions, and the hysterical or menacing expression she usually dons. Due to her abilities, she is also able to appear to take the form of other characters that she is aware of. In order to differentiate her in battle, her sprite artwork also has a darker and different form of shading, with a large dark blue glow behind her. In battle, she is always seen with her Persona, Asterius, behind her.


Shadow Labrys is sadistic and cruel, enjoying having friends fight each other senselessly. She is also very manipulative, with her abilities of deception and freeform disguise aiding her to control others to follow her plans for the P-1 Grand Prix in order to complete her ulterior motive of becoming free from Labrys. However, as powerful and cunning she is, Shadow Labrys has a rather short temper, often becoming extremely irate at those who try to stop her or indirectly foil her plans. Like other Shadows derived from people, she has the skillful ability to coax her other self to disown her to empower herself. While simply exaggerating the traits of Labrys, it appears that Shadow Labrys also has the intense desire to be still be free from the Kirijo Group's grasp, going as far as at one point seizing Labrys and taking her out of the way of Mitsuru's party, while often disregarding them as nothing more than "Kirijo dogs" and claiming that she's "never going back" to the Kirijo Group's facility.


Persona 4 Arena

After Labrys was thrown into the TV World, Shadow Labrys and the fake school around them appeared, representing Labrys's trauma over being forced to kill her fellow Anti-Shadow Weapons during the Kirijo Group's experiments and her desire to be accepted and understood. Shadow Labrys created the P-1 Grand Prix and masqueraded as Teddie to lure the other Persona users living in Inaba into it and have them fight each other in order to force them to understand the pain her other self went through in the past. After the player defeats Labrys, Shadow Labrys reveals herself before the player character and fights them alongside Asterius, an extension of her. After being defeated, Labrys accepts her repressed desires, gaining her Persona.


Shadow Labrys is a variation of Labrys, sharing some and having many of her own normal and special attacks, but sporting some subtle differences in action and style, with her own unique "Persona" which is almost always active. Reminiscent of puppeteer characters, she fights in conjunction with Asterius, whose fearsome attacks cover an incredible amount of range. Her flaws lie in her relatively low damage output and the ease of Persona Breaking Asterius should the player neglect to defend it.

Battle Quotes

  • Here I come... (While chosen on the Character Select screen)
  • What do you want me to do? (at the start of her Arcade Mode)
  • Burn... (While performing Terra's Eruption)
  • Die! (While performing Flames of Hades)
  • I've got you! (Initiating Labyrinthos Gate Instant Kill)
  • There's no escape... (Initiating Labyrinthos Gate Instant Kill)
  • You'll never get out! (Instant Kill)
  • Stay there forever! (Instant Kill)


Persona 4 Arena
P4U Fake Teddie Render
Shadow Labrys masquerading as Teddie
Shadow Labrys cut in
P4U Shadow Labrys visor
Shadow Labrys cut in with her visor
P4A Shadow Labyrs
Shadow Labrys's render for Persona 4 Arena
Shadow Labrys portrait
Shadow Labrys portrait
Shadow Labrys pre-battle portrait
P4A Shadow Labrys Instinct Kill
Shadow Labrys' Instant Kill: Labyrinthos Gate
Shadow Labrys Idle stance
Shadow Labrys' Sprite
Shadow Labrys palette swaps
Shadow Labrys disgrue as Teddie pre battle
Shadow Labrys's sprite as Teddie
Shadow Labrys in anime cutscene of P4U
Shadow Labrys appears in anime cutscene of the Arena
P4Astorymode Mitsurujpg
Shadow Labrys facing Mitsuru Kirijo and Labrys in Mitsuru's story mode.
Shadow Labrys andLabrys
Labrys and Shadow Labrys
Persona 4 Arena Manga
Shadow Labrys P4AM
Shadow Labrys as she appears in the Persona 4 Arena Manga.


  • Shadow Labrys has special win quotes against Mitsuru, Aigis, Teddie, her original, and herself.
  • Due to her prominent position in almost all stories as a major antagonist masterminding the P-1 Grand Prix, Shadow Labrys is the only playable character in Persona 4 Arena not to have their own unique story, instead appearing in most stories as a boss.
  • Unlike other Shadows, Shadow Labrys' humanoid form is retained in the boss battle against the transformed shadow form. This may simply be due to the nature of the battle system in Persona 4 Arena.
  • Strangely enough, Shadow Labrys, while also a playable character in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, is also a Shadow-Type, with the only noteworthy difference being that Shadow-Type Labrys uses Ariadne instead of Asterius.
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