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The Seven Pillars of Solomon are seven items needed to open the way to the Expanse, each named after a celestial body.


Solomon's Pillars are natural formations of red sandstone in Timna Valley. They were named for King Solomon after a mistaken belief they were created by Solomon's mining projects.



Megami Tensei II

In Megami Tensei II, the Seven Pillars of Solomon are needed to gain access to the Expanse. They are scattered all across Tokyo, and once the hero collects all seven and brings them to Masakado (who himself is found in Ground Zero), a gateway may finally be made. Their locations and methods of obtaining them are:

  • Moon Pillar: Balam drops it after his defeat. The hero can't fight him if his Intelligence is below 7.
  • Mercury Pillar: Found in the "Devil's Mouth" in Ikebukuro. The first time the hero attempts to obtain it, his arm gets chopped off, leaving him unable to fight or use his COMP. Once he gets a new robotic arm, he can safely grab the Pillar.
  • Jupiter Pillar: Obtained after defeating Leonard, who can only be fought during a Full Moon.
  • Sun Pillar: Won from the Demon Tournament in Kourakuen.
  • Venus Pillar: The hero is rewarded this Pillar after slaying Vritra in the ordeal chamber.
  • Saturn Pillar: The hero may find this while trapped in Zaratan's stomach.

Shin Megami Tensei II

In Shin Megami Tensei II, the Seven Pillars are found by various characters after being excavated from the ruins of Tokyo. Aleph needs to perform tasks in order to obtain the Pillars and place six of them in the six altars near Roppongi. After that, a final altar appears and the Sun Pillar must be placed there to open a way to the Abyss. Their locations and methods of obtaining them are:

  • Mars Pillar: Dropped by Daleth after one of the battles against him.
  • Mercury Pillar: Given away by the Junks store owner in Holytown.
  • Saturn Pillar: Obtained after working with a NPC in the excavation site somewhere in the underground path connecting Valhalla and the Factory.
  • Sun Pillar: Masakado's token of gratitude for releasing the Amatsukami from their seals.
  • Jupiter Pillar: After reuniting Siren and Petersen, Aleph receives this Pillar from a worker in the depths of the Factory's digging sites, where the battle against Betelgeuse took place.
  • Venus Pillar: Received from the Mutant Elder in Roppongi after Zayin talks with Aleph about finding a way to the Abyss.
  • Moon Pillar: Prize for winning the dance contest. The contest happens in any Disco at full moon and Aleph must have at least 10 points in Magic in order to win.

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