The Seven Philsophers are humans of great influence within the Tokyo of Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE.

After the Great Destruction, they were the ones who oversaw the construction of Shinjuku Babel.

Though they all share the same goal of bringing about humanity's resurgence, many of the Philosophers possess different beliefs about how the world should be run.

Lord Judah

Lord Judah leads the Order of Messiah, and is associated with the 'Law' Alignment.

Lord Doukan

Lord Doukan leads the Cult of Gaea, and is associated with the 'Chaos' Alignment.

Madame Justice

Madame Justice is the leader of Protopia, the neutral city, and is associated with the 'Neutral' alignment.

While mention of Madame Justice is made by an NPC in Protopia, she has not yet made an in-game appearance.

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