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"This world belongs to me and me alone. It takes shape solely according to my design. Here, the Overlord rains justice upon the holier-than-thou heroes who would dare brand him as evil. Here, you are nothing more than flies to be swatted."
—Shadow Natsume, Persona 5 Strikers

Sendai Jail, also known as the Cage of Vanity, is a location in Persona 5 Strikers. It is the Jail of Sendai, with Ango Natsume as its Monarch.



Sendai Jail manifests as a twisted version of Sendai Station, with a massive castle looming in the distance. It is the first Jail the Phantom Thieves explore outside of Shibuya. The Jail itself takes the form of Sendai with a reddish-yellow color skyline, but the area closer to the castle becomes a courtyard. A massive golden statue of Natsume is situated on the Jail's entrance, and numerous archaic fantasy objects are scattered around, such as swords embedded into the ground, or horse-drawn carriages seeming to replace cars.

The party confirms Ango Natsume as the Monarch of the Sendai Jail when they discover his blatantly plagiarized novel is a best seller only in Sendai, in addition to his fans buying the book in ludicrous quantities (sometimes with loaned money), or causing violent incidents and vandalism in Natsume's name. The protagonist also overhears that a famous author quit writing because his work was plagiarized by Natsume. Confirming it as a distortion fabricated by EMMA, the party gets Natsume's keyword by meeting him in person and infiltrates the Jail.

The Jail is themed around the world of Natsume's novel, an isekai fiction about a young man who was reincarnated as a Demon King in a fantasy world, and the villains are the heroes trying to slay him. It contains numerous scripts seen from real life anime shows, manga or video games, in accordance with Natsume's plagiarism. The castle itself is a reference to the Castlevania series.

In order to access Natsume's castle, the party must obtain three "proofs" from Natsume's "Fearsome Four," who appear as cognitive versions of the publishers who Natsume was accompanied by the previous day. The "Fearsome Four" are named Doma, Ante, Kuga, and Betero. All of these mid-bosses take the form of stronger versions of weak enemies, and seem to recycle the same dialogue before attacking the party. The "Fearsome Four" all speak in incredibly dramatic, over-acted monologues, and the protagonist even has the option to respond in kind.

The party returns to the real world after obtaining all three "proofs," which take the form of his novel, a consolation trophy that his publishers granted to him, and a fountain pen owned by his grandfather. After, they ascend to the top of the castle and find a similar-looking barricade as in the Shibuya Jail blocking the way to the Monarch, the Birdcage of Vanity/Birdcage of Greed. The vocal clues point to a cafe where his publishers were discussing how to fleece Natsume and trick their customers into buying his shoddy work. They manage to pinpoint the cafe and find the Trauma Cell. It is revealed that Natsume's grandfather Shougo Natsume, who was an actual literary genius, caused his son to have a massive inferiority complex, as he didn't have such skills and resorted to plagiarism. He repeatedly attempted to publish his poorly written and heavily plagiarized novel to his publishers, who gave him a consolation award instead of honest feedback. They then decided to trick customers and make them believe Natsume gained his grandfather's talent by heavily advertising his family name when selling his novel and getting the profit all for themselves. In his dismay after overhearing this scheme, Natsume decided to use EMMA to turn the profit to himself, causing his novel to sell incredibly, despite clearly not deserving it. His publishers transform into a Lock Keeper that the Phantom Thieves defeat.

After sending the calling card to Natsume by using Zenkichi Hasegawa to vandalize Natsume's stall, the party enters the Jail to defeat Natsume that night. Shadow Natsume takes the form of a horned humanoid with golden, short hair who seems to be wearing a Demon King garb that remains completely still. He transforms into Nightmare Dragon Ango, a large, horned dragon clad in golden armor and glittering light. As the battle continues, the golden plate gradually falls to pieces, revealing pale scales and eventually his red briefs. Once Shadow Natsume is defeated, it's revealed the ostentatious outfit he wore was just a cardboard cut-out. Having finally been convinced of the errors of his ways, Shadow Natsume tears off his horns and returns to the Sea of Souls.

The next day, the Natsume in the real world becomes ridden with guilt and confesses during a press conference. He apologizes for his fraudulence and promises to refund everyone who brought the book. He also exposes his publishers who fleeced him. Yusuke comes to his booth personally and tells him to write a novel using his own talent instead of relying on plagiarism, which he promises to do.

Natsume later gives valuable testimony to the police, and his phone is confiscated by Zenkichi for Futaba to investigate. Just like on Alice's phone, Futaba notices someone was spying on Natsume's EMMA.


Treasure Type Location
Luck Incense x1 Item Treasure chest - Sendai Station
Revival Bead x1 Item Treasure chest - Sendai Station
Enduring Belt Accessory Lock Lv.1 Treasure chest - Sendai Station
Media Skill Card Treasure chest - Sendai World Center
Chakra Choker Accessory Treasure chest - Sendai World Center
Enchanting Axe Haru weapon Treasure chest - Sendai World Center
Regenerate 1 Skill Card Lock Lv.1 Treasure chest - West Garden
Vicious Strike Skill Card Treasure chest - West Garden
Media Skill Card Treasure chest - Aoba St. 1st Ward
Soul Drop x3 Item Treasure chest - Hoheto Alley
SP Incense Item Treasure chest - Underground Prison
Power Anklet Accessory Treasure chest - Corridor of Diligence


Updated gear once Sendai Jail becomes available.

Weapon User Attack Effect Location
Athame Protagonist 78 - Sophia's Shop (¥4,200)
Igniter Protagonist 84 +Burn (low) Sophia's Shop (¥5,400)
Heavy Steel Pipe Ryuji 76 +Dizzy (low) Sophia's Shop (¥3,800)
Battle Hammer Ryuji 86 - Sophia's Shop (¥4,600)
Sonic Blade Morgana 72 - Sophia's Shop (¥3,200)
Scimitar Morgana 80 - Sophia's Shop (¥4,200)
Headhunter Ladle S Morgana 84 +Critical up (low) Complete request, "Gusts of Punishment"
Teguruma Sophia 72 - Sophia's Shop (¥3,800)
Metal Yo-Yo Sophia 80 - Sophia's Shop (¥5,000)
Dominatrix Whip Ann 72 - Sophia's Shop (¥3,600)
Goat Leather Whip Ann 76 - Sophia's Shop (¥4,800)
Skin Ripper Ann 82 +Fear (low) Treasure chest - Hirose St.
Imitation Katana Yusuke 82 - Sophia's Shop (¥4,400)
Antique Gunto Yusuke 90 - Sophia's Shop (¥5,600)
Muramasa Yusuke 94 Ag +2 Complete request, "Cold-Blooded Treatment"
Hell Knuckles Makoto 80 - Sophia's Shop (¥3,800)
Clenched Fist Makoto 86 St +2 Sophia's Shop (¥4,800)
Heavy Pound Makoto 90 +Dizzy (low) Treasure chest - Hirose St.
Bardiche Haru 82 - Sophia's Shop (¥4,000)
Halberd Haru 92 - Sophia's Shop (¥5,200)
Enchanting Axe Haru 96 +Dizzy (low) Treasure chest - Sendai World Center

Protector User Defense Effect Location
Chain Vest Unisex 56 - Sophia's Shop (¥3,200)
Robust Apron Females 56 - Sophia's Shop (¥3,600)
Breeze Scarf Cats 58 Ag +3 Sophia's Shop (¥2,800)
Survival Vest Males 58 En +2 Sophia's Shop (¥3,800)
Reckless Vest Unisex 68 +Null Fear Sophia's Shop (¥4,600)
Lady's Dress Females 68 +Null Rage Sophia's Shop (¥5,000)
Water Crown Cats 70 +Null Burn Sophia's Shop (¥4,200)
Cosmic Undershirt Males 72 +Null Rage Sophia's Shop (¥5,200)
Motto Hoodie Males 76 +Null Brainwash Complete request, "Take Back the Desire"

Accessory Effect Location
Travel Game Set En +2 Talk to Ann in Yongen-Jaya on 7/31
1:20 Candlecutter +Critical up (low) Talk to Ryuji in Mt. Aoba Park on 8/2
Victory Charm All stats +1 Shrine Shop (North), Mt. Aoba Park (¥3,200)
New Driver Sticker +Auto-Sukukaja Shrine Shop (North), Mt. Aoba Park (¥2,400)
Fortune Bell Lu +5 Shine Shop (North), Mt. Aoba Park (¥1,800)
Chazukemaru Charm +20 SP Digging 4 Deals, Sendai Station (¥980)
Masamune Patch Ag +4 Digging 4 Deals, Sendai Station (¥2,000)
Enduring Belt En +1 Lock Lv.1 Treasure chest - Sendai Station
Chakra Choker +10 SP Treasure chest - Sendai World Center
Life Pocketbook +Null Insta-kill Battle drop
Power Anklet St +1 Treasure chest - Corridor of Diligence


  • Prince of Nightmares novel
  • Soukaisha Trophy
  • Gaudy Fountain Pen


Normal enemies

Shadow Lv Arcana Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png Almighty Icon P5.png
Slime 12 Chariot St St Wk - - Wk - - - - -
Berith 15 Hierophant - Nu St Wk - - - - - - -
High Pixie 16 Fool - Wk - - St St - Wk - - -
Lamia 18 Empress - - St Wk St - - Wk - Nu -
Orthrus 21 Hanged Man - - Dr Wk - - - St - - -
Pisaca 22 Death - - Wk - St - - - Wk Dr -

Shadow Lv Arcana Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png Almighty Icon P5.png
Slime 82 Chariot Nu Nu Wk St - Wk - Wk Wk Dr -
Berith 85 Hierophant - Nu Dr Wk - Nu - - - - -
High Pixie 86 Fool - Wk - - St Dr Nu Wk - - -
Lamia 88 Empress - - Nu Wk St - - Wk - Nu -
Orthrus 91 Hanged Man - - Dr Wk - - - Dr - - -
Pisaca 92 Death - - Wk - St - - - Wk Dr -



Bonus bosses


  • The Jail is filled with references from other anime or video game series, such as Castlevania, Pokémon and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. This alludes to Natsume's plagiarism and his complete lack of inspiration.
    • When infiltrating the castle, a mid-boss known as "Right-Hand Doram" taking the form of a Pisaca says "Gogogogogo...", a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference. This will only happen in the Japanese or Chinese script; in the English script, Doram makes no JoJo references.
    • In the Japanese version of the game, the "Furious Four" are instead called the "Elite Four," a reference to the Pokémon series.
  • In the original Japanese release, there was a bug where the player could fall out of the map. It was patched in Ver.1.01.

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