Sendai's Jail, also known as the Birdcage of Vanity, or the Birdcage of Greed, is a location in Persona 5 Strikers. It is the Jail of Sendai, with Ango Natsume as its Monarch.

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A Jail overlaid in Sendai, located around the city center near the station. It is the first Jail the Phantom Thieves explore out of Shibuya. The Jail itself takes the form of Sendai overlaid with a reddish-yellow color skyline, but the area closer to the castle itself is overlaid with a courtyard. A massive golden statue of Natsume is situated on the Jail's entrance.

The party confirms the Ango Natsume as the owner of Sendai's Jail when they obtain intel where he is blatantly selling his plagiarized novel at top grossing, in addition to his fans binge spending on the book (sometimes with loaned money) or groceries Natsume frequents, violent incidents and vandalism. It was also said a famous author quit writing because his work was plagiarized by Natsume. Confirming it as a distortion fabricated by EMMA, the party gets Natsume's keyword by meeting him in person and infiltrates the Jail.

The Jail is themed around the world of Natsume's novel, an Isekai fiction about a young man who reincarnated into a Demon King and the villain is the hero trying to slay him. It contains numerous scripts seen from real life anime shows, manga or video games, fitting to Natsume's plagiarist theme. The castle itself is a Castlevania reference.

In order to access Natsume's castle, the party must obtain three "proofs" from Natsume's "Elite Four" (actually copies of the publishers accompanying him the other day). This is a Pokémon reference. The "Elite Four" are named "Duma," "Ante," "Kuuga" and "Pedro." All of these mid-bosses take the form of stronger versions of weak enemies, and seem to recycle the same dialogue before attacking the party. The party returns to the real world after obtaining all three "proofs," which take the form of his novel, a consolation Trophy that his publishers granted to him and a fountain pen owned by his grandfather.

When infiltrating the Castle, a mid-boss known as "Right-Hand Doram" taking the form of a Pisaca speaks "Gogogogogo..." out itself, a Jojo's Bizarre Adventure reference.

The party manages to ascend to the top of the castle and finds a similar-looking barricade as in Shibuya's Jail blocking the way to the Monarch, the Birdcage of Vanity/Birdcage of Greed. The vocal clues point to a cafe where his publishers were discussing how to fleece Natsume and trick their customers into buying his shoddy work. They manage to pinpoint the Cafe, and found a Trauma Room. It was revealed that Natsume had a grandfather named Natsume Shougo, who was an actual literary genius. His son, Ango, didn't have such a talent and resorted to plagiarism. He kept trying to publish his poorly written and heavily plagiarized novel to his publishers, but they don't even bother giving him honest feedback and only gave him a consolation award. One day, the publishers came up a scheme that he eavesdropped. They decided to trick customers that he gained his grandfather's talent by selling his novel using his family name and getting the profit all for themselves. Having eavesdropped this scene in disdain, Natsume decided to use EMMA's hand of salvation to turn the profit to himself, causing his novel to sell for top-grossing proportions despite clearly not deserving it. His publishers transform into a Lock Keeper holding swords that the Phantom Thieves defeat.

After sending the Calling Card on Natsume by using Zenkichi as a meatpuppet to gaslight Natsume's stall, the party enters the Jail to defeat Natsume that night. Shadow Natsume takes the form of a horned humanoid with golden, short hair who seems to be wearing a Demon King garb that remains completely still. Upon being enraged, he transforms into Nightmare Dragon Ango, a large, horned dragon clad in golden armor and brimmed with glittering light, starting the battle with a "Jojo pose" (covering his right eye with his left hand). As the battle goes further, the golden plate sheds off, revealing pale scales, and eventually his red briefs. Shadow Natsume was defeated in combat, and as he kneels into the ground, the "demon king garb" he is "wearing" reveals itself to be a piece of cardboard he stands behind; he was merely a half-naked version of Natsume wearing a pair of red briefs. Having been realized the errors of his ways with some convincing, Shadow Natsume tears off his horns and returns to the Sea of Souls.

On the next day, the real world copy of Natsume becomes ridden with guilt and confesses on a press conference. He apologizes for his plagiarism and fraudulence and promises to refund all cash to everyone who brought the book. He also exposes his publishers who fleeced him for his name. Yusuke comes to his booth personally and tells him to write a book using his own talent instead of relying on plagiarism, which he promises to do.

Natsume later gives vaulable testimony to the Police that someone was secretly monitoring their Jails when he was still Monarch, a statement shared with Alice Hiiragi, who also had her jail monitored by that person.

Cores[edit | edit source]

  • "Prince of Nightmare" Novel
  • Sokaisha Award Trophy
  • Gaudy Fountain Pen

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Normal enemies[edit | edit source]

Minibosses[edit | edit source]

Boss[edit | edit source]

Bonus bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Seth (Required to be defeated in order to unlock its fusion)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Jail is filled with references from other anime or video game series, most notably Castlevania, Pokémon and Jojo's Bizzare adventure. This alludes to Natsume's plagiarism and his complete lack of inspiration.
    • The usage of Jojo References is likely due to the series' creator, Hirohiko Araki, being born in Sendai.
  • In the original Japanese release of the game, there was a bug where the player could fall out of the map of Sendai's Jail. It was patched in Ver.1.01.

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