Sendai's Jail, also known as the Birdcage of Vanity, or the Birdcage of Greed, is a location in Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers. It is the Jail of Sendai, with Ango Natsume as its king.



  • Prince of Nightmare Novel
  • Trophy
  • Pen

Enemies Edit

Normal enemies Edit

Minibosses Edit

Boss Edit

Bonus bosses Edit

  • Seth (Required to be defeated in order to unlock its fusion)


  • The Jail is filled with references from other anime or video game series, most notably Castlevania, Pokémon and Jojo's Bizzare adventure. This alludes to Natsume's plagiarism and his complete lack of inspiration.
  • In the original Japanese release of the game, there was a bug where the player could fall out of the map of Sendai's Jail. It was patched in Ver.1.01.

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