This article is about the beast-type demon. For the fairy-type demon, see Silky.

Artwork from DemiKids.

Selkie (セルキー, Serukī)? is a demon in the series.


A seal-like creature who could transform into a human by shedding its seal hide. They emerge from their waters periodically and meet with humans, but don't form lasting relationships, and return to the sea after a brief period. According to myth, once a selkie has returned to the sea, seven years will pass before he or she is seen again.



DemiKids Light & DarkEdit

"A demon of the sea that is often mistaken for a seal by other creatures in the ocean."

Known as Warseal.

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Selkie is one of the demons given as a prize for beating Eligor's quiz in Ice Book.


DemiKids Light & DarkEdit

Class Element Type Level HP MP Exp
Common Ice Beast 23 245 111 228
22 20 19 20 14 19
List of Skills
Skill Element Cost Effect
Polarburst Ice 10 MP Medium dmg +Freeze. 1 Foe
Cold Voice Ice 20 HP Small dmg +Mute. 1 Foe
Slumber Earth 6 MP Sleep. 1 Foe
Defdrain Dark 5 MP DEF Down. Foes
Healmor Light 10 MP Minor HP recovery. 1 Ally
Polarblast Ice 20 MP Medium dmg. Foes

Devil Children Fire/Ice BookEdit

Class Type Race Level HP MP Exp
Common Ice Beast 23 245 111 228
Attack Guard Magic M Guard Speed Luck
22 20 19 20 14 19
List of Skills
Bufula Cold Voice Dormina
Rakunda Diarama Mabufula

Devil Children Messiah RiserEdit

Number Element Weakness Type Level HP MP
43 Ice Fire Beast 11 125 50
ATK MGC DEF RES SPD Quick Call Spell
12 6 3 3 10 26 8 Makakaja

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