Seipher as it first appears.

Seipher, known as Seyfert (セイファート) in Japan, is the final boss of DemiKids Dark Version.


A class of Galaxy that produces spectral line from ionized gas. They are believed to be a similar phenomenon as Quasars, but closer and not as bright.



Seipher is the force manipulating Imperius and absorbs him after he retreats from his defeat at the hands of Akira. It hungers for time, space, and destruction. Seipher questions why Jin hates it when it was created by the power of Light that gave life to Valhalla itself. It changes form several times during the battle itself.


Seipher 5
Seipher's Face
Seipher 2
1st Form
Seipher 3
2nd Form
Seipher 4
3rd Form
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