Alertness Meter

The security level of Kamoshida's Palace at 15%

"Seems so. Just don't let it notice you beforehand... If it does, the Palace's security level will rise."
—Morgana, Persona 5

The Security Level is a mechanic in Persona 5.



Persona 5Edit

"Well, the security level will go back down if we can beat more enemies without getting noticed."
—Morgana, Persona 5
Palaces are highly guarded by Shadows protecting the Cognition of the Palace. The Security Level starts at 0% but can be raised if the protagonist fails to remain hidden from a nonscripted Shadow fight and is spotted. Additionally, running from a battle also increases the Security Level. The in-game map will turn into a BGM visualizer if the meter gets to yellow or red, and the chance of finding Treasure Demons, as well as Disaster Shadows, increases, allowing the party to kill them for loot. However, the encounter rate will also increase and the party may fight several waves of Shadows at a time. When the Security Level reaches 100%, exploration is halted, the Phantom Thieves are forced to retreat immediately from the Palace, and they must come back on another day. The only exception to this rule (aside from Palaces after a calling card has been sent) is the Depths of Mementos, as the party will be locked inside it until they defeat Yaldabaoth. The party can lower the Security Level by ambushing Shadows and defeating them.

Revisiting the Palace on another day will reduce the meter a bit as well. The Security Level can also be subsided by Ichiko Ohya's Confidant ability (theoretically Ichiko reports unfavorable scoop about the owner of the current Palace to distract that person from noticing the party's activities in the Palace). If one has connected to the Thieves Guild, a request can be made to reduce the Security Level when it hits 100%.

When the Phantom Thieves send a calling card, the Palace's security meter is fixed at 99% and will not boot the party out even when being discovered and ambushed by an enemy. The party can fight Shadows and lower the Security Level even after the calling card has been sent, although they can only reduce it down to 70%, and it will have no effect on the upcoming boss fight. However, it will stop Shadows from respawning if lowered sufficiently before reaching the Treasure room.

The Palace's current Security Level is depicted via a security meter, which is displayed when using the Third Eye ability. The security meter also features a stylized portrait of the Palace ruler. Depending on whether the Thieves have personally encountered the Palace ruler's Shadow or not when using the ability, their portrait will either depict the ruler's real-world self, partially shrouded in darkness, or the ruler's Shadow Self. Exceptions of this rule are: Suguru Kamoshida, since it is impossible to use Third Eye before meeting his Shadow Self; Futaba Sakura, whose Shadow Self's portrait remains unused, Masayoshi Shido, whose Shadow Self not only has multiple outfits and forms but is also never encountered or even seen before he is actually fought (Even the cutscene in which his Shadow self reacts to his calling card has it remain in darkness.) and Takuto Maruki, whose portrait is represented by a black humanoid figure until he is personally met in the Palace and is not a Shadow Self but a physical human.

Persona 5 RoyalEdit

In Persona 5 Royal, the security meter starts at 40% instead of 0%. In addition to this, if the security meter reaches 100%, the Phantom Thieves will not be forced to retreat the Palace.

After the calling card has been sent, the security meter is fixed at 100% instead of 99%. Fighting shadows will lower the Security Level only down to 80%, rather than 70%.


Persona 5 / Royal
Kamoshida's real self (Impossible to view in-game)
Shadow Kamoshida, Asmodeus
Madarame's real self
Shadow Madarame, Azazel
Kaneshiro's real self
Shadow Kaneshiro, Bael
Futaba's real self
Shadow Futaba (Unused)
Wakaba Security Meter PortraIt
Wakaba's real self (Unused)
Okumura's real self
Shadow Okumura, Mammon
Sae's real self
Shadow Sae, Leviathan
Masayoshi Shido's real self
The general public, as represented in Mementos
P5R SecurityLevel Mystery
Maruki as a hidden figure
P5R SecurityLevel Maruki

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