Morax's boss background in Sector Antlia

The end of Sector Antlia, the area where Morax resides

"Sector Antlia looks like a monument to the history of human warfare. Crumbled buildings, smoky sky, that strange tower in the distance... It feels like an occupied city. The sector's main characteristic is the way it confronts you with death and destruction..."
—Black box data, Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey

Sector Antlia is the first area or sector that the Red Sprite's crew investigate inside the Schwarzwelt.



Sector Antlia is the area of the Schwarzwelt that resembles an earthly location the most: the supposed actual location of the Schwartzelt, which is in Antarctica. However, beneath the first floor of the sector which appears as an ice cavern, the crew discovers that the images of the sector sent to the UN were not hoaxes or mistakes. The floor beneath showcased the primary content of the sector, an area meant to represent human conflict and violence, resembling a war torn village with bombers flying through the air and carpet bombing in the distance, along with black body outlines and corpses dispersed throughout the snow.

Ruined Blue Jet

One side of the destroyed Blue Jet.

The first floor contains the crash site of the Blue Jet, one of the other ships sent by the United Nations to deal with the Schwarzwelt. Jimenez is rescued by the Red Sprite's crew in this area. When the Red Sprite's crew discovers the Blue Jet, a demon attacks the crew. Commander Gore appeared to have been able to defeat the demon on his own, but was killed when he let down his guard. The demon proceeds to fight the protagonist, who is able to defeat it.

Later on, the crew discovers a strange energy signature at the bottom of Antlia. The protagonist proceeds to investigate, and at the source of the energy was a demon: the tyrant, Morax. When the protagonist defeats Morax, he drops the Rosetta for Antlia, allowing the Red Sprite to plane shift to the next sector.

Antlia Cosmic Egg Area

Antlia Cosmic Egg safeplace.

One of the Cosmic Eggs is located in Antlia, protected by the demon Wu Kong. He will oppose the Protagonist if he is Law or Neutral and give it to him willingly in Chaos.


Black Box Data for Sector Antlia

Black Box Data

Demons appearing in Sector Antlia include:

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