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"Kegare... I hear it often in religion. In other words, concepts such as "evil" or "ill fate" cause man to commit "sin". Committing a sin or the cause of bad luck is all because of Kegare..."
—Eriko "Ellen" Kirishima, Eternal Punishment

The Narumi District, containing the Science Lab

The Science Lab is a location and dungeon in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. It is located in the Narumi ward of Sumaru City, and becomes accessible alongside the adjacent sewer system as the second of the dungeon duo. It is only available if Nate was picked as the fifth party member.



Eternal Punishment

The Science Lab is a sizeable facility dedicated to harvesting Kegare from Jokers. It is first heard of at Nate's Hotel Pleiades suite after the party meets him in Parabellum. After explaining to the party the connections between Tatsuzou Sudou, the Tien Tao Lien, and other branches of government under the New World Order, Nate reveals that a certain "Guy Shinjo" is likely Takahisa Kandori, alive under bizarre circumstances despite his apparent death three years earlier. The same Kandori is believed to be conducting experiments on abducted Jokers in the lab, and so the party sets off to infiltrate it.

After a rough trek through the sewers, the lab is broken into, and Eikichi is found in the security room, apparently in search of Hiroki Sugimoto, and being beaten by two Red Berets. Once they are dispatched, Eikichi forcibly tags alongside the party as they investigate the lab. As they delve deeper, they find confinement areas full of catatonic experimentees, and they entrust Eikichi to escort them to safety.

Continuing the search, the party finds multiple scientists who have become disillusioned with and apprehensive of their work, and who give the party key cards to continue.

At the highest laboratory on the third floor, the party finds a computer and hard drive replete with information on the scientific operations of the NWO. Adjacent to it, they find a massive facility that appears to be a drainage and storage system for Kegare itself. Upon stepping into investigate, the party is ambushed and surrounded by a cadre of red barets and Kandori himself, who is revealed to have captured Eikichi and taunts Nate while pressuring the group to return the computer. As they do, Kandori turns over to shoot Eikichi, but is stopped by Tatsuya, who gives the party enough time to run after a skirmish.

Outside, the catatonic experimentees are revealed to be onboard a truck, but Sugimoto, who has become a beast as a result of being robbed of his Kegare, attacks them. The party defeats him but leaves him alive, and Nate swears to help him.

Upon returning to Baofu's Lair nearby, it is revealed that Baofu kept the hard drive and he decodes it, giving the party valuable information on Kegare as well as NWO's intentions.


The dungeon music is aptly titled "Science Laboratory", and has techy vibes reminiscent of the soundtrack of the Deva Yuga, particularly the PS1 version.