Sargasso (サルゲッソー, Sarugessou)? is a demon in the series.


The biggest myth of the Sargasso sea is that the seaweed known as Sargassum entangles ships intentionally, when in fact it is the lack of wind that traps the ships at sea. The seaweed grows in large amounts on the surface and its proximity near the Bermuda Triangle most likely lead to this myth.



Majin Tensei IIEdit

Sargasso Majin Tensei II
Race Level HP MP Mv Range Mv Type Atk Range MAG
Spirit 35 147 90 6 Walk 1 425
St Ma In Ag Lu Atk P.Def M.Atk M.Def Hit Eva Crt
14 27 14 10 3 42 15 77 45 92 9 16
List of Skills
Skill Power Range Cost Target Effect
Petra - 1 35 MP Single Gives Stone status to one enemy
Glare 0 1 M. Extra Multi 80% chance to inflict Stone
Return - 0-1 Extra Multi Return demons to COMP from a distance
Lethal Ash - 7 M. Extra Multi Same as Mudoon
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