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"A city encased in ice... Its serenity belies a yawning desolation."
—Yusuke Kitagawa, Persona 5 Strikers

Sapporo Jail, also known as the Cage of Gluttony, is a location in Persona 5 Strikers. It is the Jail of Sapporo, with Mariko Hyodo as its Monarch.



The Phantom Thieves can begin exploring the Sapporo Jail at Noon on 8/10 by entering from Suzushino. Haru notes that being able to enter the Jail confirms that Mariko is the Monarch. From here, the party opts to investigate the castle in the distance.

The party will find their path blocked by large walls of ice while traversing Odori Park, requiring them to find an alternate path around the ice walls. In the next area, the Sapporo Clock Tower, the party will come across a Prison Keep with the gate open at the marker. The party can proceed directly to the top of the tower to claim the first core, an Election Poster. However, doing so will kick up a snow storm and render the Checkpoint teleportation inoperable, along with making more Shadows that do not appear on the minimap occupy the area.

Sophia will lead the party to a heater where they can warm up. The group will then decide to turn on the other three heaters in the area. Sentries will block the heater to the east, leading to a fight with two Principality Shadows along with a weaker horde. Pushing the Ice Mass towards the ledge will allow access up to the heater. The next heater will be to the north at ground level, behind a gate shut with a control panel, requiring a hacking battle to proceed. The final heater will be at the west end of the area, guarded by more Shadows. While turning it on will stop the snow storm, it will not fix the Checkpoint, leading the party to believe that something is still interfering. Heading back to Odori Park, the party will confront another strong Shadow. Defeating them will restore the Checkpoints to full functionality.

Heading west, the party will find that an ice wall had disappeared. Morgana will speculate that the cores are the key to melting the ice walls. The party will opt to take the only route available to them forward.

In the Arboretum, the party spots another Prison Keep in the distance. Heading through the narrow pathway leads to a confrontation with a large horde of Mothman Shadows. Afterward, the party will come to a steep slope heading downwards guarded by Shadows. Ryuji will point out a snowboard rack, leading to the party being prompted to snowboard down the slope into unsuspecting Jack Frosts in the path. At the bottom, a hackable terminal battle bars the way into the Prison Keep. Crossing the gate's threshold will lead to another snowstorm battle in which the party will need to turn on another heater at the back of the area to finish.

The core at the top of the keep will be a Beautiful Flower. Leading the party to speculate that Hyodo wants to make Sapporo a beautiful destination for all, but at the cost of sacrificing her own people. Makoto will suggest heading back to Odori Park. Once there, the party will encounter the Ice Tower Admin, who demands that the party returns what they stole, stating they have no idea of the torture that awaits the Shadows once the Monarch finds out.

Upon reaching the Sapporo Tower area, the party can see the next Prison Keep, but also another ice barrier preventing access to the keep. The party will opt to scale the ice walls in order to drop into the keep. At the top they will come to another snowboard slope which will deposit them behind the keep, where they can instead use an Ice Mass to jump over the wall.

After the ensuing battle and reaching the top of the keep, the party will find the Mayor Badge. The Sapporo Central mayor's insignia being a simple symbol of power for Mariko. After battling the next tower administrator, there will be an announcement about a regular cleaning. Since the party can't do anything with the hee-horde from hell running about, they opt to head back to reality.


Treasure Type Location
Lucky Charm Accessory Treasure chest - Suzushino
Snuff Soul Item Treasure chest - Suzushino
HP Incense Item Treasure chest - Suzushino
Army Socks Accessory Treasure chest - Sapporo Clock Tower
Technical Adept Skill Card Treasure chest Lock Lv.1 - Sapporo Clock Tower
Regenerate 1 Skill Card Treasure chest - Sapporo Clock Tower
Technical Adept Skill Card Treasure chest - Arboretum
Sleep Boost Skill Card Treasure chest - Sapporo Tower
Knockdown Style Skill Card Treasure chest - Castle: Front Area
Thermo Dress Female protector Treasure chest - Castle: Front Area
Guard Incense Item Treasure chest - Corridor of Ice


Updated gear once Sapporo Jail becomes available.

  • Note: Some requests to unlock new equipment in Sophia's Shop must be completed for new equipment in the Sapporo Jail: "Sophia's Weapon Shop" (weapons), "Sophia's Armor Shop" (protector) and "Trapped in Wonderland"/"Trapped in a Nightmare" (accessories) "Junk Collection, Part 1" (Futaba protector) will award new armor directly.

Weapon User Attack Effect Location
Skinning Knife Protagonist 102 - Sophia's Shop (¥7,400)
Arsene's Cane S Protagonist 118 +Random ailment (low) Complete request, "Enduring a Slimy Hell"
Kopis Protagonist 120 - Sophia's Shop (¥9,800)
Iron Pipe Ryuji 104 - Sophia's Shop (¥8,400)
Heavy Mace Ryuji 122 - Sophia's Shop (¥10,200)
Talwar Morgana 96 +Dizzy (low) Sophia's Shop (¥9,200)
Sleeper Blade Morgana 114 +Sleep (low) Sophia's Shop (¥10,800)
Orbiter Sophia 96 Ma +2 Sophia's Shop (¥8,000)
Yo-2K Sophia 116 - Sophia's Shop (¥10,000)
Water Yo-Yo Sophia 120 +Critical up (low) Complete request, "Blessing the Wicked"
Warrior Whip Ann 92 - Sophia's Shop (¥8,000)
Burn Whip Ann 116 +Burn (low) Sophia's Shop (¥9,200)
Seishiki Sword Yusuke 108 - Sophia's Shop (¥7,200)
Jagato Yusuke 124 - Sophia's Shop (¥9,400)
Senryo Yakusha S Yusuke 152 St +2 Lock Lv 2 Treasure chest - Shibuya Jail, Bunkamachi
Metal Duster Makoto 104 - Sophia's Shop (¥8,200)
Iron Fist Makoto 122 - Sophia's Shop (¥10,400)
Death's Claws Makoto 126 Ma +2 Complete request, "Nuking the Stars"
Mega Axe Haru 106 - Sophia's Shop (¥8,200)
Crescent Axe Haru 130 - Sophia's Shop (¥10,600)
Death Contract S Haru 134 +Fear (low) Complete request, "Psychokinetic Siege"

Protector User Defense Effect Location
Army Vest Unisex 82 St +3 Sophia's Shop (¥6,000)
Cone Collar Cats 84 Ma +3 Sophia's Shop (¥5,400)
Power Camisole Females 84 St +3 Sophia's Shop (¥6,600)
Plate Vest Males 86 +Reduce Nuke dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥6,800)
Austere Haori Unisex 96 +Null Dizzy Sophia's Shop (¥8,400)
Glaring Cape Females 98 +Null Dizzy Sophia's Shop (¥9,000)
Camo Collar Cats 100 +Reduce Phys dmg (low) Sophia's Shop (¥7,800)
Retention Vest Males 102 +Null Forget Sophia's Shop (¥9,200)
Thermo Dress Females 104 +Null Freeze Treasure chest - Sapporo Jail, Castle: Front Area
Hacker Gear Mk. 2 Futaba 140 +30 HP Complete request "Junk Collection, Part 1"

Accessory Effect Location
Wood Clappers +Null Burn Sophia's Shop (¥2,000)
Notebook +Null Forget Sophia's Shop (¥2,000)
Sleepless Gem +Null Sleep Sophia's Shop (¥2,000)
Wooden Clogs +Null Fear Sophia's Shop (¥2,000)
Brain Guard +Null Brainwash Sophia's Shop (¥2,000)
Lucky Charm Lu +1 Treasure chest - Suzushino
Army Socks Ag +1 Treasure chest - Sapporo Clock Tower
Red Band +Fire attack Sophia's Shop (¥16,400)
Blue Band +Ice attack Sophia's Shop (¥16,400)
Green Band +Wind attack Sophia's Shop (¥16,400)
Yellow Band +Elec attack Sophia's Shop (¥16,400)
Star Band +Nuke attack Sophia's Shop (¥16,400)
Mind Band +Psy attack Sophia's Shop (¥16,400)
White Band +Bless attack Sophia's Shop (¥16,400)
Black Band +Curse attack Sophia's Shop (¥16,400)
Gun Band +Gun attack Sophia's Shop (¥16,400)


  • An election poster featuring Mariko
  • A beautiful white flower
  • Sapporo Mayor's medal


Normal enemies

Shadow Lv Arcana Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png Almighty Icon P5.png
Jack Frost 24 Magician - - Wk Dr - - - - - - -
Lilim 25 Devil - - - St - Wk - - Wk Nu -
Setanta 26 Emperor - St - - - - Wk St - - -
Principality 27 Justice - - St - - - - - Nu Wk -
Mothman 28 Moon - Wk - - Dr - St - - - -
Kaiwan 30 Star - Nu - - - - Dr Wk - - -

Shadow Lv Arcana Affinity
Melee Icon P5.png Ranged Icon P5.png Fire Icon P5.png Ice Icon P5.png Elec Icon P5.png Wind Icon P5.png Psy Icon P5.png Nuclear Icon P5.png Light Icon P5.png Dark Icon P5.png Almighty Icon P5.png
Jack Frost 94 Magician - - Wk Dr - - - St Nu - -
Lilim 95 Devil - - Nu St - Wk - - Wk Dr -
Setanta 96 Emperor - St - St - - Wk Dr - - -
Principality 97 Justice - - St - - - - St Dr Wk -
Mothman 98 Moon - Wk - St Dr - St - - - -
Kaiwan 99 Star - Nu - - - - Dr Wk - - -



Bonus bosses



  • Some of the snowmen in Odori Park have scarves similar to Ryoji Mochizuki's.

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