The Morimoto Sanitarium (森本病院) is an asylum and a dungeon in Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. It is located on top of Mt. Mifune, and is the place where Tatsuya Sudou was being held.



Upon entering the Sanitarium through the back door, the team finds the dead bodies of Taiwanese hitmen sent to kill Sudou, which were in turn killed by the demons he summoned. Katsuya later suggests that it was Sudou's father, Tatsuzou Sudou, that ordered the Taiwanese mafia to kill his son, as he has connections with them. Later, in Room 303 (Sudou's room), pictures of all the victims of the JOKER killings are found, and the Oracle of Maia written all over the walls. After reading it, Maya feels like she has seen this before.

Finally, in the Director's Office located in 4F, the team confronts Sudou. There, he explains that he got this power via Kotodama (Spreading rumors), and that the "voices" (Nyarlathotep) tell him everything. Afterwards, the mafia members outside of the Sanitarium call one of the dead henchmen in the room, and Baofu leaves. Sudou then picks up the phone, and orders the person on the other side of the line to tell his father that he's coming. After saying that he's just trying to "right the wrong" and that the "Other Side" is right and "This Side" is wrong, Sudou orders a Hellhound demon to attack the team, tells everyone to go to the Sky Museum, and escapes.


  • 1F: Item/Antidote (x3)
  • 2F: 5000 Yen
  • 3F: Item/AGI Incense
  • 4F: Item/Mithril Silver


  • Purple indicate Bosses.
Enemy LV HP Arcana Weak Strong Void Absorb Reflect Area
Empusas 75601.0Magician - -Holy, Dark - -All
Ogre 86407.0ChariotMagicPhysical - - -All
Agathion 85817.0StarWater -Fire - -All
Zombie Junkie 968ZonbieFire, HolyPhysicalDark - -All
Apep 97411.0StrengthFireWater - - -All
Erinys 107218.0Moon - -Throw, Attack, Holy, Dark, Mind, Nerve - -All
Nisroc 107312.0HangedWater -Fire -NuclearAll
Cockatrice 118121.0WorldShot, EarthSword, Attack - - -All
Robin Goodfellow 117706.0LoversWindEarth - - -3F
Mou Shobo 128814.0TemperanceShot, EarthSword, Attack - - -3F - 4F
Hellhound 13~700N/AWaterFire - - -Director's Office


Treasure and enemy info for Eternal Punishment from FAQ/Walkthrough by Yushiro

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